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Who is Bridget Rooney, Liam Costner’s mother and how is she so rich?

The well-known American entertainer Bridget Rooney is best known for her role as an actress in Zombie or Not Zombie. She is also known as the ex-girlfriend of veteran actor Kevin Costner, the wife of billionaire Bill Kosh, and the football team heiress as the granddaughter of the team owner Art Rooney and the niece of Dan Rooney.

Who is Bridget Rooney?

The Zombie or Not Zombie actor was born on April 26, 1962 in an affluent family in California, America. Bridget was the youngest of six children Bridget’s parents Tim and June Rooney had. Kathleen Mara, Cara Rooney, and Margaret Galterio are three well-known individuals who are Bridget’s sisters.

Dan Rooney, Bridget’s uncle, and Arthur Joseph Rooney, the founder and owner of the National Football League NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers football team, are blood relatives. Yonkers Raceway is owned by her father.

The actress’s Irish immigrant grandfather arrived in the US in 1880 and settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She completed her college education at a public university in the United States and obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree there.

Talking about Bridget’s work, she is an actor best known for playing the title character in the 2011 movie Zombie or Not Zombie. She also likes to socialize and attend lavish gatherings and parties. In 2011, she and her husband founded the Oxbridge Academy in Palm Beach, Florida. She also participates in charity work.

How old is Bridget Rooney?

Rooney was born on April 26, 1962, making her 60 years old.

What is Bridget Rooney’s net worth?

The amount that Bridget will be appraised in 2022 is not known. No doubt she has considerable personal wealth as she comes from a wealthy family. She is a member of the Rooney family, which also owns the Pittsburgh Steelers, a premier NFL team.

Currently, the team is worth $2.7 billion. She is also married to American billionaire Bill Kosh whose net worth as of 2021 was estimated at $1.6 billion.

What is the height and weight of Bridget Rooney?

The mother of two children is still attractive despite her advanced age. She is 68 kg tall and 5 feet 8 inches wide.

What is the nationality and ethnicity of Bridget Rooney?

The billionaire’s wife is an American of Irish descent.

What is Bridget Rooney’s profession?

The American recording artist doubles as a socialite and actress.

Who is Bridget Rooney’s husband?

Actress Bridget Rooney is married to millionaire businessman Bill Kosh. He is currently 82 years old and was born on May 3, 1940 in the United States of America. Bill is the founder and CEO of the energy development company Oxbow Group. A collector and sailor, Bill Kosh. He is known for making expensive purchases.
He gave his wife an expensive, stunning ring from diamond magnate François Graff, a 31-carat yellow diamond ring, and threw her a lavish party in 2012 at a 42,000-square-foot oceanfront mega-mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. were married in Colorado in 2005, and they had a daughter named Kaitlin. They still have a close bond.

Bridget had a crush on Kevin Costner before that. In 1996, the two adults had a brief relationship before separating. They fathered a child together named Liam, but the actor initially denied fathering the child until a paternity test revealed otherwise. Only then did he announce that he would provide legal assistance to his son.

How many children does Bridget Rooney have?

The American actress is a mother of two children; her famous son Liam Costner, 26, is a real estate agent in the United States and was born to her and her ex-boyfriend, actor Kevin Costner. Kaitlin Kosh, a daughter she had with husband Bill, is her second child.

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