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Where is Trevor Noah’s father Robert Noah and where is he now in 2023?

Who is Trevor Noah’s father? How did he stop talking to his son? How has he influenced Trevor’s life? Fans have expressed concern about Trevor Noah’s father, who has often mentioned the comedian. So what made him disappear from his life as a child?

Who is Robert Noah?

Trevor Noah’s biological father is Robert Noah. Due to his date of birth in the early 1930s, he will be in his 80s by 2022. Robert received his high school education at a nearby high school. He later continued his education at a higher education institution.
Robert is said to be from Europe, but he is also white and of Swiss-German descent. In the 1980s, while the apartheid regime was still in full force, he moved to South Africa to live and work there.

It is common knowledge that Robert was out of touch with South Africa’s political climate and disliked the country’s apartheid laws. He detested the apartheid regime and did not understand why white South Africans persecuted his black citizens. Robert was kind to the black South Africans and took part in many initiatives to help them.

How did Trevor Noah’s father meet Trevor’s mother?

Patricia and Trevor Noah met in Johannesburg. Robert was working as a chef at the time. He owned a restaurant in Johannesburg, South Africa, and had an excellent reputation in both Canada and New York. He employed black South Africans in his kitchen.
Robert traveled often. Black and white South Africans could live side by side in his restaurant. A unique permit issued by the government for practical reasons made it possible to operate the eatery. However, a small number of people opposed the concept of the restaurant and petitioned for it to close. Environmental violations and harmful activities were mentioned.

Patricia was moderately educated, unlike most black South Africans at the time, which enabled her to secure a white-collar position. She had the option of renting an apartment near where Robert Noah lived.

Robert Noah and Patricia Noah started dating since they shared an apartment on the same floor. They loved each other very much and developed into good friends over time. Eventually, the two became parents of a child together.

Robert Noah struggled to accept Trevor Noah

For months, Robert and Patricia kept their relationship a secret, but after they had a son, things became much more difficult. On February 20, 1984, Trevor Noah was born.
Interracial partnerships were illegal and illegal when Trevor was born. Trevor’s mother was forced to tell medical professionals a lie about his biological father as a result. If it turns out to be a multiracial child, Trevor’s mother could spend five years in prison and have to give the child away.
Robert left the apartment worried about the consequences of his behavior. This way he would be less involved in Trevor’s upbringing and their child would be safe.

Was Robert part of Trevor Noah’s life?

Robert at first avoided motherhood, but later changed his mind and started looking for his son and his mother. And they made the decision to find a method to co-parent through the difficult apartheid era.

When no one was around, they gathered in the park after hours and had some really good times. However, once Trevor started calling his father “daddy” and knew his face, things got harder.
To hide the truth and make it easier for Robert to meet his son, Patricia made the decision to pose as a maid. After a while apartheid was abolished and the two could now interact freely. He moved to Yeoville, a recently divided neighborhood. Every year, Robert celebrated both Christmas and Trevor’s birthday.

Trevor Noah lost contact with his biological father when he was 13 years old. When he was a teenager, he displayed the traits of a typical adolescent, including a desire to spend time away from his parents. However, his mother Patricia had remarried and his ex-husband did not want her to see him. Trevor therefore stayed home with his mother and fickle stepfather. Eventually Robert Noah moved to Cape Town.

Trevor Noah loses touch with his father

When Trevor Noah was a child, he resented his father because he believed he had moved out of his life and did not care for him. However, Patricia’s complimentary comments about Robert dispelled those ideas. Trevor’s mother finally urged him to track down his father when he was 24.

Robert’s return to Trevor Noah’s life

Trevor hadn’t seen Robert in eleven years and had given up hope of ever doing so. Trevor’s search for Robert was hampered by the fact that he was a withdrawn person. He eventually contacted the embassy, ​​who sent Robert a letter. Trevor planned a trip to see him in Cape Town.

Of course, the first visit was unpleasant, but when they got there, they went back to their usual routine and reunited. At the moment, Trevor and Robert get along very well.

Where is Trevor Noah’s father now?

Robert is completely secretive and has maintained his privacy. He does not use social media hence little is known about him. Robert may still live in Cape Town as he was there when he met his son. In addition, it would be ideal if you keep in mind that he is a traveler and may be elsewhere as he does not stay in one place for long.

Fast facts about Robert Noah

Does Trevor Noah get along with his father? Due to a number of factors, Trevor Noah lost contact with his father when he was a child. First of all, he was a teenager who did not like spending time with his parents, and his mother’s ex-husband, Abel, did not agree that she should keep in touch with him. But Noah eventually found his father and they got along very well.
Who is Trevor Noah’s real father? Robert Noah, a European of Swiss and German nationality who worked as a chef, is Trevor Noah’s biological father.
How does Trevor Noah relate to his mother? Trevor Noah grew up with his mother, to whom he was very close.
How did Trevor come into contact with his father later on? Trevor first made contact with his father’s former acquaintances. Then he went to the Swiss embassy, ​​harassed them mercilessly until they gave up, and got information from them that helped him track down his father.
Why didn’t Trevor stop seeing his father when he was a teenager? Despite the fact that Abel’s mother wanted Trevor to meet him, the comedian’s stepfather was against the idea. As a result, Trevor found it challenging to see his father.
When did Abel hit Trevor for the first time? Abel started avoiding Trevor after first hitting him for skipping a class activity.
How much money is Robert Noah worth? As Robert Noah leads a quiet life, it is unfortunately challenging to determine his net worth.

Trevor Noah’s father, Robert Noah, was absent from his early life as they separated when he was 13 years old. They got back together when Trevor was an adult, and their bond was always great.
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