Where is 'Danny' from The Shining Now in 2023?  How old is he ?

Where is ‘Danny’ from The Shining Now in 2023? How old is he ?

While Danny Lloyd may not be a household name to fans of the 1980 horror movie “The Shining,” you probably know his 6-year-old Danny Torrance from the movie. Although he played a small child in the film, it was his most famous performance to date.

Just outside Chicago, in Tremont, Illinois, Danny was born. While nothing is known about his family or early years, it is known that when the boy was only 5 years old, his father, a steel worker, received a call for auditions for an upcoming film.

Stephen King’s popular novel ‘The Shining’ is set to be made into a movie.

Audition for The Shining

Danny recalls how his audition for the film came as a surprise after his father submitted his picture to an open casting call, something unusual for films even then.

When Danny was considered for the role of Tony in the film, he accidentally started moving his finger while speaking, and this act was accepted.

Danny would have to go through six auditions before Stanley Kubrick, the director, told him on his fifth birthday that he had been cast.

Filming The Shining

According to rumors during the casting process, Danny was selected for Danny Terrance’s character in the film because he could speak his lines without shaking.

It was also thanks to this talent that he was able to play such a memorable role in the film.

Because Danny was so young, he was told that the movie he was filming was a drama about a family staying in a hotel while it was being shot.

His segments were shot separately and none of the film’s gruesome scenes were ever seen on him.

Despite the terrifying imagery in the film, Danny found the scenes of him riding his tricycle amusing because he was so oblivious to what was happening with the film’s creation.

According to reports, Danny has fond memories of his other young co-stars, Lisa and Louise Burns, who played the Grady sisters in the film. He even claims to remember Stanley Kubrick finding Easter eggs for the kids while the movie was being made.

However, he recalls that one of the members of the production team promised him he could keep his tricycle out of the film, a promise that was never kept, as one of his most vivid memories of making the film.

He apparently kept in touch with the film’s director long after it ended, and Kubrick even called him when he graduated from high school to check on him and express his pride in him.

What did he do after the Shining?

In the film Will: G. Gordon Liddy, Lloyd’s only other on-screen appearance was as G. Gordon Liddy. The film was not recognized as well as The Shining, despite accolades for his performance.

A quick movie about scary movies Danny from the 1994 archive video of The Shining was used, but Danny himself was not involved in the project.

Throughout his adolescence, Danny continued to audition for acting jobs, but eventually dropped out because he couldn’t get a break and got tired of the process.

He allegedly told his parents that he was giving up acting so that he could finish his education.

What is Danny Lloyd doing now?

Since 2004, Danny Lloyd has taught biology as an associate professor at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

He hasn’t had any significant acting jobs, but in 2012 he appeared as himself in the documentary Room 237 to discuss his performance as Danny Torrance and how the gloss came to be considered a classic.

Additionally, he appeared as a baseball fan in a cameo in the 2019 sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep.

Danny seems to have no desire to actively return to acting and instead continues to teach, despite the fact that a sequel to the movie he appeared in was being produced.

He still regularly appears at conferences; he attended “Spooky Con” in 2020 and “Terror Con” in 2017.

In October 2022, he is expected to appear at both Motor City Comic Con and Spooky Con.

He apparently hasn’t kept in touch with co-star Jack Nicholson, but he still speaks to Shelly Duvall on a daily basis.

Private life

Danny has been married to Jessi Diana Brackett for a long time. They are still together today.

Danny and his wife Jessi have four children: a son and three daughters.

The other two belong to Jessi from a previous relationship that Danny adopted. Danny and Jessi have two of the kids.

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