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Where are Tony & Colleen from Catfish: The TV Show Now in 2023?

The premiere of “Catfish” in 2012 immediately attracted viewers. MTV’s reality show attempted to bridge the gap between imagination and reality by focusing on online interactions. In the program, two people who communicated a lot online finally meet in person. The sparks can continue to fly under certain circumstances. But more often than not, the couple’s idyllic relationship ends abruptly. But that doesn’t deny the existence of chemistry. Remember Matt and Kim, the stars of “Catfish,” who eventually became good friends?

Even though “Catfish” is gone, many fans have continued to follow the characters’ lives after the show. Sadly, some of the former reality TV show contestants passed away when they were young. Robert Brian Clark died in a motorcycle accident several years after his appearance in “Catfish”. Another “Catfish” celebrity whose demise was terrible was Ashley Sawyer. While there have been some tragic announcements from cast members, there have also been some encouraging ones. Colleen and Tony are two ‘Catfish’ alumni whose offbeat story is sure to warm hearts, despite the fact that their start was rocky.

Colleen and Tony’s unique Catfish story

Colleen and Tony’s story is extremely peculiar. According to InTouch Weekly, they first connected through a dating app, as many “Catfish” couples do. However, things moved quite quickly. Tony proposed to Colleen a month after their internet romance. The program’s co-hosts, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, have finally scheduled a face-to-face meeting for the two after a long wait. Colleen was annoyed by Tony’s online persona exchange. He admitted that Jeremy was indeed his real name. In addition, he used images from others from the app. Talk about catfished

In a YouTube clip from the movie “Catfish,” viewers can watch the drama of their first meeting unfold. Colleen confronts Tony about his lies as soon as he leaves his house. Tony twisted the facts regarding his relationship with Colleen and didn’t just lie about his identity. She asked, “But why did you claim I told you I was 25?” I never told you my age. And when did you send those few hundred dollars to me?” Tony apologized and said he was “scared” and unsure of his identity. Colleen was attracted to Tony despite his convoluted lies. You just have to promise me no more lies, she told him. Then Tony proposed to Colleen while on his knees. Yes, she replied.

Colleen and Tony stayed together

What eventually happened to Colleen and Tony/Jeremy? Nev Schulman and Max Joseph video chat with the couple to explore the state of their relationship in a 2018 Facebook clip of “Catfish.” Colleen showed she didn’t have an engagement ring when they inquired. Then, in a flash of deja vu, Tony asked Colleen out again, and she definitely said yes! She smiled as she displayed her unique jewelry. Then Colleen said, “We also have a child together.”

You can see how much they love each other on Colleen’s Instagram feed. She shares several photos of her boyfriend and child there. She posted a video of Tony rocking their child in February 2020. The family seemed as happy as ever, beaming from ear to ear. The video was titled “My Valentines” by Colleen. Fans expressed their joy in the comments section after learning that the pair are staying together. One user posted: “With a cute baby and still together! I love it. Happy for both of you! I’ve only ever looked up one pair of “Catfish,” you two, to see if you were still together since I knew you would be. I love that you were all able to stay together, another user commented. “Look at the little guy!”

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