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Where are Cillas’ records now from my 600lb life and what will he look like in 2023?

The TLC Series “My 600-Lb. Life” follows patients of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan (commonly known as “Dr. Now”), a bariatric surgeon in Houston, Texas, as they work to meet requirements for surgeries that can improve their quality of life. Since the show’s debut, countless patients have captured the attention of viewers, for better or for worse. A 2019 edition of the program featured Cillas Givens as a patient and became one of the program’s most inspiring success stories (via Newsweek). He later appeared in a segment of the spin-off show ‘My 600-Lb. Life: Where Are They Now?’, which aired on TLC’s YouTube site.

Fans have probably gotten curious about Givens’ current condition after his experience on the reality TV series and what he looks like now that he’s undergone a significant bariatric procedure. Givens’ weight loss, from his peak weight of 729 pounds to 313 pounds at the time his episode aired, was most observed in a patient’s debut episode of “My 600-Lb.” Life,” said Starcasm. How has he fared in the intervening years?

Cillas Givens seems to be doing well

Things have been going well for Cillas Givens since he proposed to his fiancé Jessica at the end of his ‘My 600-Lb. Life” episode (according to Newsweek). Following a claim from The List that they lived in North Carolina, Givens and his wife are reportedly back in Oklahoma, according to InTouch Weekly.

Before the end of Givens’ episode of “My 600-Lb. Life” and the beginning of his episode of “My 600-Lb. Life: Where Are They Now?” Still, there was a noticeable difference between the two episodes (via YouTube). Givens still doesn’t seem to need oxygen support, which is a significant improvement from his situation when he first appeared on the show.

Givens seems to smile a lot when you look at his personal Facebook account, some of which are open to the public. He can be seen smiling in the blink of an eye for a selfie with some of his family (as pictured above). He poses with a dog in another image that has been made public (via Facebook).

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According to The List, Cillas Givens previously served as a supervisor at ContactUS Communications, but it appears that the “My 600-Lb. Life’ alumna has since changed professions significantly. According to his personal Facebook page, he is employed by Liberty Healthcare Corporation as a behavioral rehabilitation professional.

Givens’ day-to-day duties may not be clear from his title, but a description from HAS Incorporated outlines some of the tasks its behavioral rehabilitation specialists perform for patients who need them. For example, according to the organization’s website, “Behavioral support resources are individually created and are positive, promote learning, enable choice and social integration, and include changing environments as needed” (via HAS Incorporated).

In other words, Givens seems to be doing well in his new position, passing his time with “My 600-Lb. Life” to help others in his community.

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