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When is Apple TV’s Shrinking Season 1 coming out? Watch trailer, plot and cast members

Therapists listen to your concerns and convince you that you are not doing as badly as you think and that you are actually managing to survive, both in real life and in the movies. Imagine a world where therapists were honest with you instead of just telling you what you wanted to hear. Would you still like to make an appointment? Save your comments for later, as the new show that is shrinking, starring Jason Segel as the main character, will have a similar premise.

In contrast to his attempts to make his patients feel better, the therapist in the story chooses to be honest with them. Here are all the details we currently know about the upcoming concert.

Shrinking season 1 plot

According to the logline that has been made public, the new sitcom will focus on a grieving therapist who is told to teach his clients what he learned in school. After strictly following the book for some time, he decides to tell his patients what he believes rather than what he’s been told to tell them. He also has two options for telling his patients the truth without trying to downplay their suffering. Instead of being confident, he can first help his patients accept reality as it is. Or, given their already precarious mental state, treating patients harshly could lead to self-harm or other ill consequences.

Shrinking Season 1 Cast

Jason Segel, who also stars in the new show, also wrote the scripts and created it. Joining him are some of the biggest names in comedy such as Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein. Goldstein wrote Ted Lasso, one of the greatest computer programs ever. The show is produced and directed by James Ponsoldt of The Spectacular Now alongside Neil Goldman, Jeff Ingold and Liza Katzer. Harrison Ford will also serve as the main character of the series. Ford, known for his work on the television series Star Wars and Yellowstone, makes his comics debut with Shrinking. The series features all of the cast members who appeared in the trailer.

Shrinking season 1 trailer

The trailer for the next program looks more like a teaser than an actual trailer as it withholds information about the plot of the drama. Instead of giving a brief synopsis or preview of what will happen, the teaser just shows a lineup of some of the individuals we assume are Segel’s patients jumping up and down on a trampoline. Some of the characters bouncing around on the device include Jessica Williams, Luke Tennie, Michael Urie, Lukita Maxwell from Generation, Christa Miller from Clone High, and Michael Urie. Finally, Harrison Ford climbs onto the trampoline and gives Segel a disdainful look before they leave.

Shrinking season 1 release date

Register ASAP for Shrinking, which premieres on January 27. Twelve episodes make up the entire season, with the first two set to premiere on July 27. After that, new episodes are always made available for streaming. The last episodes of the dwindling program will be broadcast on March 24, 2023.

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