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When does The Bends season 1 come out? Cast, plot and other details explored

Mystery and crime shows must be the most varied genre as new twists are added to the criminal realm all the time. One day the FBI is the target, the next a self-made hero and the last a female vigilante. One of the unexpected twists a show like Killing Eve has introduced is a detective falling in love with the criminal they’re supposed to be looking for.

Homicide creator Paul Attanasio will write The Bend, a new FX crime drama. The next television series, based on Gerald Seymour’s book Killing Grounds, follows the adventures of a nanny hired to uncover the secrets of his employers.

The Bends season 1 plot

The story is based on Gerald Seymour’s bestseller Killing Ground. It is still unclear whether the series’ story will be changed greatly or only minimally from the novel to create a unique story. The main subject is the nanny who worked for an American family. To outsiders, the Berlin family appears to be successful, but they are anything but typical. When the family hired the nanny, they had no idea she would try to expose them and their business associates. The television program could delve deeper into the Nanny’s reasons for believing the family is hiding something, as well as the company she works for. When the family realizes that the nanny is more than just a babysitter, it can look into the nanny’s life.

The Bends Season 1 Cast

While the cast for the next series hasn’t been announced yet, it’s possible that it will after the show’s scripts are finalized as news has recently surfaced. Paul Attanasio will write and executive produce the sitcom that will be shown on our televisions. The acclaimed screenwriter will co-direct the series with Warren Littlefield. After that, Hit and Run’s Mike Baker will helm the series, which will also be made by The Littlefield Company and 29th Television. Other executive producers for the next installment include Ann Johnson, Graham Littlefield, Lisa Harrison and Kathy Cric.

The Bends season 1 trailer

A series trailer for The Bend series hasn’t been released yet, and we’re not sure when it will. We’re confident no filming has taken place yet as the series was recently announced. You could therefore expect the series teaser in 2023 or 2024.

The Bends season 1 release date

The debut date of the upcoming series is sadly still a mystery, but we do know it won’t be until 2022. You can expect the series to be published as early as 2023 or 2024 as it is being actively created now. After the show is over, it will be available to watch on FX.

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