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When does East of Eden season 1 come out? Watch trailer, plot and cast

East of Eden is an upcoming Netflix series similar to Cain and Adam in the Bible. In a recent agreement, John Steinbeck gave Netflix permission to turn his work into a finite television series. The Blacklist’s Florence Pugh will star, while Clickbait’s Zoe Kazan will produce the show.

Kazan’s grandfather adapted the musical for the big screen some thirty years ago, so this won’t be the first time. Here’s all the information we know about the upcoming adjustment.

East of Eden season 1 plot

John Steinbeck’s book of the same name forms the basis for the East of Eden series. It looks at murder, fierce competition, jealousy and sibling rivalry. On the farms in the Salinas Valley, where the story takes place, the fates of two families are intertwined. The generation of Trasks and Hamilton pays special attention to the biblical story of Cain and Abel. Even if Adam eventually marries, the union will play a part in one of his tragedies. As soon as they start a family, just when he thinks it couldn’t get much worse, his wife shoots him trying to get back to her old job. Making the choice to raise their boys alone was one of the hardest decisions Adam has ever had to make.

East of Eden Season 1 Cast

Florence Pugh, known for her portrayal of Yelena Belova in the series The Black Widow, will appear in the upcoming season. Zo Kazan says that Pugh is the best option because no other character can play her role as well as she does. The main role in the series is played by her daughter, Elia Kazan. The full cast of the project has not yet been revealed by Netflix, but they believe details will emerge before the start of the film series. Most of the cast members will be recognizable from other popular TV shows.

East of Eden Season 1 Trailer

Since East of Eden hasn’t had a trailer yet, it might be a while before we see the series trailer or teaser. Since the program is currently in the active development phase, where scripts are still being written and translated, not much is happening with it at the moment. A teaser could be released in mid-2024 if shooting actually begins in 2023.

East of Eden Season 1 Release Date

The release date of the East of Eden series is still undetermined. Netflix’s most recent post states that the scripts for the series are still being reviewed and written and filming has not yet begun. The show could air before the end of 2023, as filming is likely to begin next year and there will also be post-production. We’ll let you know if Netflix makes any statements about when the show launches.

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