What Is Twitter Blue? Everything You Need To Know

Twitter is well-known social media, which updated a lot of special features to use with better comfort. Now Twitter Blue is a fresh premium subscription service that elevates the quality conversation among Twitter users.

The paid subscription adds a blue checkmark to the respective account. It offers to obtain the wish features such as editing tweets. You can access the blue checkmark when you subscribe with the percentage 8 per month or iOS for $11/per month. With updated Blue, features will be found to ensure the subscribed account review meets all needs.

It used the blue checkmarks to show that the users are active, notable, and authentic accounts of public interest. Blue checkmark has two different things. As the account was verified below the earlier verification criteria, an account has an active subscription to Twitter to the respective Blue. With new services, each business people can get updated its business to the next level:

 A Common Feature Of The Blue Checkmark:

 It allows subscribers to improve and customize their overall twitter experience and has powerful control, specially designed to support personalization and add labs to obtain the best feature they found each other.

 Bookmark folder:

It allows the Twitter Blue group and organizes the tweets into the same folder for much faster discovery. It lets to have an endless number of bookmarks and folders that are always private.

 Custom App Icons:

It allows changing how the Twitter app icon displays over the phone and is filled with the massive colorful option so you can ensure the setting often to get new features.

 Twitter Blue theme allows you to choose from different color options according to the theme.

 Custom Navigation:

With the help of these special features, it allows one to pick what appears in the navigation bar and need access much faster content and Twitter destination to care about different things.

 Top article:

 It is a shortcut to the different shared articles via a network and automatically lists the top shared articles from the people. You can find the type of content that you want to read often.


 It can turn long threads into a beautiful experience and design reader to enjoy the threads with low noise. To activate the reader features, tap over the reader icon, which is located on the top, and then the option to change the text size as per your need.

 Undo tweet:

It allows users to retract the tweet after you send it to others before it is visible. It is not edited and buttoned and has the chance to preview and revise the tweet before it is posted for the world to find out; when it is over, the tweet is viewable to followers.


Twitter Blue, with different expansion plans, is available over the web in the US, New Zealand, and the UK. Freshly created Twitter account never to subscribe to Twitter Blue for 90 days. Twitter reserves the right, without notice, to remove the Blue checkmark at any time.

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