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What is Ice Road Truckers’ Hugh Rowland doing now in 2023?

History’s “Ice Road Truckers” is pretty much the only TV choice for non-traditional thrill-seekers who want to live vicariously with gutsy truckers who pull over uneven and thin sheets of frozen terrain for a job. Fans were introduced to these adventurous daredevils on the show for 11 seasons when it first aired in 2007. Shortly after its debut, the reality series gained popularity and featured a number of eccentric drivers with personalities that could rival anything on scripted television. Hugh Rowland, commonly known as “The Polar Bear”, has to be one of the program’s most beloved drivers.

Rowland was a recurring character on the show from start to finish and was by far one of the loudest truckers in the group. Rowland admitted to YouTuber Joshua Nannie that he actually found it more challenging to manage his own staff while seeming to effectively navigate the various challenges that came his way, such as unforeseen weather events and near-death deliveries. Rowland claims that several of his formerly reliable associates gave up their work ethic to gain more screen time once the cameras started rolling. In the end, Rowland had to lay off the entire crew and hire new staff.

Many admirers are now curious about his current activities since the series ended in 2014. Check out what happened to The Polar Bear after it stopped airing.

A car accident and subsequent court case changed his future

Several truck drivers on “Ice Road Truckers” may end their delivery careers for various reasons. But according to Biography Research, Hugh Rowland’s demise was a direct result of a tragic car accident.

Rowland drove the car with a shotgun while the show’s producer, Will Morrison, was behind the wheel. Rowland suffered serious injuries to the lower half of his body as a result of Morrison’s car crash into trees. As a result, Rowland lost a significant portion of his skills as a truck driver, leading to his decision to leave the company. Rowland and Morrison were also involved in a lengthy legal battle as a result of the accident, with Rowland blaming Morrison for careless driving.

According to TMZ, as the details of the lawsuit emerged, Rowland’s ability to have sex with his wife was also negatively affected by the accident, in addition to the injuries that led to the end of his career as a truck driver. It’s clear that he left the show for good due to the legal dispute between Rowland and Morrison, which continued for a short while after he left. Rowland has prioritized running his construction business and spending time with his loved ones since he retired from the reality TV industry (via Hot Cars).

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