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What happened to Neponset Circle movie? is it still happening?

Each year, countless people from all over the world gather in a Western American city to watch movies, meet cops, hunt for the next Hollywood comeback story, and make lavish purchases. We’re not talking about the Sundance Film Festival either. We’re talking about the American Film Market, or AFM, which takes place annually in Santa Monica, California, and serves as a platform for major movie industry buying deals.

Many well-known films were featured during the AFM 2022 in November. The Undertaker, starring Ann Dowd from ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, ‘Replay’ starring Olivia Munn and ‘Thelma’ starring Kathy Bates were on the program of the event. But just before the show started, two other celebrities joined a popular crime drama centered on a thrilling mystery. Guy Pearce and Jeffrey Dean Morgan will now star in “Neponset Circle,” a movie that promises doom and gloom and a gruesome murder inspired by actual events (via Variety). Here’s all the information we currently have on the movie.

When will Neponset Circle be released?

Since “Neponset Circle” is still in pre-production, no release date has been announced yet. However, it already had a strong cast before Guy Pearce and Jeffrey Dean Morgan arrived, so there shouldn’t be many production issues. Stephen Dorff (“True Detective”), David Boreanaz (“Bones”) and Stephen Lang (“Officer Down”) were some of the actors in the film written and directed by John Chase (“Avatar”, “Avatar: The Way of Water”). “Massholes,” a 2000 film written and filmed by him, follows four high school students during a single day in Massachusetts (via IMDb). While the film didn’t make much of an impact on the mainstream cultural landscape, it did solidify his reputation as a teller of Massachusetts stories.”Neponset Circle” is appropriately placed in Boston.

The film already has a talented cinematographer working behind the lens. In the Oscar-winning film “Get Out,” Toby Oliver, who previously worked with Guy Pearce on “33 Postcards,” contributed his talent for ominous lighting and camera movement.

What is the plot of Neponset Circle?circle 2015

While it is known that “Neponset Circle” will be based on a true crime that has gone unsolved and upset the Boston community, it is unknown which historic Boston murder will feature in the film. But there are some hints in the movie’s synopsis.

A dark thriller, the film follows brilliant investigator Jimmy O’Mannon as he tries to rebuild his life after just being released from prison. O’Mannon enters a nightmare after helping his close friend and ex-partner identify a serial killer. As O’Mannon and his partner Ray Delaney continue the case, the death toll only mounts.

Of course, the Boston Strangler comes to mind when you think of Boston-based serial killers. The Boston Strangler, later identified as Albert DeSalvo, was the hitman who murdered 13 women in the Boston, Massachusetts area in the 1960s. In addition, there were two murders that were initially linked to DeSalvo but were never solved (via The Boston Globe). The information generally sounds similar to the official “Neponset Circle” story.

Who stars in Neponset Circle?circle 2015

Guy Pearce and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are expected to play the two detectives at the heart of the film, Jimmy O’Mannon and Ray Delaney, though their exact roles are still unknown. Pearce has, of course, portrayed some troubled characters in the past (think the main character in “Memento”); as a result, he seems to be a perfect match for O’Mannon. Pearce also fits well into the movie’s plot, having already starred in crime thrillers, most recently in “Mare of Easttown.”

On the other hand, Morgan has mainly based his career on television roles. His first major role was the sad Denny Duquette in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ while his most recent notable role was Negan Smith, whom he played for several seasons in ‘The Walking Dead’. The next time we see him will be in season 4 of “The Boys”.

Who directs Neponset Circle?circle 2015

In fact, “Neponset Circle” serves as a sort of reunion for many of the contestants. In addition to Guy Pearce and Toby Oliver, who previously worked together on “22 Postcards” (2011), Pearce is also reunited with the new film’s director, Pauline Chan. Chan directed both Pearce and Oliver in “22 Postcards”, which may not have been a coincidence. Prior to that, Chan directed several films in the 1990s, including the television movie ‘Little White Lies’ starring Mimi Rogers.

Prior to the occasion, Chan was the subject of a statement from The Exchange, the production company representing “Neponset Circle” in the American Film Market.

According to Nat McCormick, president of worldwide sales and distribution at The Exchange, “With this gripping and chilling mystery at its core, audiences around the world will flock to Pauline’s fresh vision, which will be performed by Guy Pierce and Jeffery Dean Morgan, who could not be more perfectly cast in their roles.” In other words, there’s a lot of hope for this project, which should excite fans of Pearce and Morgan.

But while we wait for a teaser or more information on the film’s story, we’ll have to make do with vintage clips of Pearce seducing Kate Winslet in “Mare of Easttown.”

circle 2015

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