YouTube App Down on iOS Devices

People with iPhones and iPads said the YouTube app stopped working around 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Many of them said it keeps crashing when they try to open a video.

By 3 p.m., more than 7,500 users had reported problems with the app on DownDetector. Of those, 75% said the problems were with the app itself.

The problems have happened all over the world, affecting people in Canada, Poland, and Sweden, among other places.

Opening the app after logging in causes it to close and crash, and force closing and relaunching it or restarting the device does not help.

The news outlet said it doesn't seem to have been caused by a recent app update and that devices still running on version 17.46.4 are fine for now.

People who still want to use YouTube should still be able to do so through the website instead of the app, but new reports suggest that the website may also be having problems.

There have also been reports of similar crashes on YouTube Music. Company said, "Many iOS users are experiencing YouTube app problems."

We're so sorry about this, and we've already started to fix it!" YouTube said it would post new information as soon as it was ready.

The most important thing for users to know is that they will likely need to update the app (soon...) to fix the problem.