By Steve Pedry  09/12/22

Yellen, Malerba Become 1st Female Pair To Sign US Currency

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen helped mark a milestone in U.S. history Thursday when she held up a newly minted $5 bill signed by two women.

The signature of Yellen will appear alongside that of U.S. Lynn Malerba is the first Native American to hold the position of treasurer.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, they signed freshly printed $1 and $5 bills and posed with examples. The new currency will enter circulation the following year.

Yellen has built a reputation for herself as an astute forecaster and a level-headed leader of the Federal Reserve.

Now, she's leading efforts to use economic levers to stop Russia's war in Ukraine, protect the planet from climate change, and strengthen the IRS.

This puts her at the center of domestic and global politics, exposing her to new levels of scrutiny and second-guessing from both friends and foes.

She is tackling this challenge at a time when inflation in the United States has reached a 40-year high, raising fears of a coming recession.

Yellen's remarks focused on Biden administration policy accomplishments rather than her status as the first female treasury secretary.

Yellen, the only person to lead the Treasury, Federal Reserve, and White House Council of Economic Advisers, is criticized by both parties for being too direct and lacking political savvy.