By Steve Pedry 06/12/22

What Was Earth's Biggest Explosion?

From early asteroid strikes to the development of nuclear weapons, our planet has been hit by some huge explosions.

The biggest explosion on Earth depends on how big you're looking at it. It could have been made by humans or it could have been caused by big rocks from space.

The Soviet superweapon Tsar Bomba caused the biggest explosion ever caused by people. 

The Toba supervolcano's 70,000-year-old outburst was the largest terrestrial explosion.

An asteroid heavier than the one that killed the dinosaurs 2 billion years ago formed the Vredefort crater.

The 1985 explosion known as Minor Threat was the most powerful non-nuclear explosion in history.

Biggest Human Blasts

Minor Threat utilized 4,700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil to create a TNT explosion of 4.7 kilotons.

Earth has been exploding for eons. Mount Tambora's 13,000-foot (4,000-meter) peak erupted in Indonesia in 1815, according to NASA's Earth Observatory

Biggest Terrestrial Blast

1908 witnessed the largest explosion from an extraterrestrial source in recorded history: the Tunguska incident.

Biggest Blast from Space

Scientists believe a meteor caused a 10- to 30-megaton explosion in the air. The explosion destroyed more than 80 million trees and displaced 300 kilometers of people.