By Steve Pedry  12/12/22

Twitter HQ Auction: Is It Elon Musk’s Cost-Cutting Stunt?

In a move called Elon's cost-cutting stunt, the billionaire is selling off Twitter's Headquarter items – from a coffee machine to furnishings.

Elon Musk sacked Twitter staff as part of a cost-cutting move, and now the billionaire is planning to sell Twitter's San Francisco headquarters assets.

People will have approximately "one and a half days" to choose their favourite goods from the 250 posted on the Heritage Global Partners website during the auction.

Despite the fact that no official justification for the auction has been disclosed, Twitter users are already ridiculing Elon for yet another cost-cutting tactic.

"Twitter is selling surplus corporate office assets in an online auction." Bidding begins on January 17, 2023, with initial bids of $25 and $50.

Office chairs, professional espresso machines, and a plethora of cookware are among the items up for sale."

The "manual flywheel slicer" is another eye-catching item, according to the website, with a starting bid of $25. Full-sized restaurant ovens start at $25 as well.

In addition, there will be a "Electrolux Greens Machine 20Gal Vegetable Dryer" up for grabs during the auction.

Earlier Elon Musk dismissed about 3,700 Twitter employees in severe cost-cutting manoeuvre, with hundreds more resigning subsequently.

Several celebrities, including Gigi Hadid, criticised the action and deactivated their Twitter accounts.