By Steve Pedry  06/12/22

The 10 Strangest Objects In The Universe

Researchers have been receiving ultrastrong, ultrabright radio signals that last barely a few milliseconds since 2007.


Mysterious Radio Signals

Nuclear Pasta is the strongest substance in the universe, formed from the remnants of a dead star.


Nuclear Pasta

The dwarf planet Haumea was found to have very thin rings going around it. This is likely due to a collision that happened a long time ago.


Haumea Has Rings

A moon orbiting a moon, The internet calls this a moonmoon. Moonmoons are speculative, but recent estimates imply their formation isn't inconceivable. 


Moon with a Moon

Dark matter, 85% of all matter in the universe, is odd. At least one thing is certain: dark matter is omnipresent.


Dark-Matter-Less Galaxy

The object, dubbed Tabby's star, would dim at unpredictable intervals and for strange amounts of time, sometimes by as much as 22%.


Most Bizarre Star

Cassini, which explored Saturn from 2004 to 2017, observed Hyperion emitting a "particle beam" of static electricity.


Highly Electric Hyperion

Gravitational forces have thrown rogue planets away from their parent star. Radio telescopes can view dazzling auroras in its atmosphere.


Rogue Planet with Auroras

Astronomers utilised the Hubble Space Telescope to locate an early universe quasar and determined the universe is growing faster today than it was then, which contradicts prior measurements.


Double Quasar Image

The Hubble Space Telescope has identified a dwarf galaxy just 30 million light-years away from the Milky Way.


Living Fossil Galaxy