Tesla Launches Steam Game Support For Newest Vehicle Models

Tesla's newest models are steam-powered. That implies the vehicles' central consoles can play thousands of Steam games.

The new feature, part of Tesla's "Holiday update" 2022.44.25.1, is only available on the 2022 Model S and X. Each of these cars has 16GB of RAM.

The update's release notes say that these cars should be able to run any game that has been Verified by Valve for the Steam Deck handheld.

On the list of Verified games, there are currently over 6,000 titles that run on the Deck through SteamOS. 

Most of these games use a compatibility layer to run on the Arch Linux-based system, even though they were made for Windows.

The bigger list of "Playable" games on Steam Deck will also work on these Teslas, though users may have trouble with the interface for some of these games.

Deck-verified games currently aim for at least 30 fps on the 7-inch, 1280×800-resolution screen of the Steam Deck.

On the other hand, the 17-inch centre console in the 2022 Teslas can support a resolution of up to 2200×1300.

So, the "10 teraflops of compute power" that AMD says Tesla's Ryzen APUs have may need to be tweaked a bit for each game to get the most out of them.