By Steve Pedry

PepsiCo To Layoff Hundreds Of Employees At HQ

PepsiCo Inc. a company that makes food, snacks, and drinks, is rumoured to be laying off its employees. This shows that companies other than tech and media are also trying to cut costs.

Someone who knows about the situation told WSJ that hundreds of jobs will be lost. The company's headquarters employees in Purchase

According to reports, the company is laying off people in New York, Chicago, and Plano, Texas, where its snacks and packaged foods business is based.

The company told its employees in a memo that this is being done "to simplify the organisation so that we can work more efficiently."

The WSJ report also said that there will be more job cuts in the drinks business than in the snacks business because the snacks business had already cut jobs 

"The US labour market as a whole is as tight as it has ever been, with employers competing for a small pool of workers."

In October, the FMCG company's leaders said they would focus on cutting costs to make up for their small profit margins.

Like a lot of other businesses, it raised the prices of its goods. PepsiCo makes more than just the Pepsi cola drink. It also makes Doritos, Lays chips, and Quaker Oats.

It has about 309,000 employees all over the world. With this, it joins Walmart and Ford Motors in reducing the number of people on its payroll.