Lensa AI App: Know More About New Popular Self-portrait AI App

In the past week, bright AI self-portraits have taken over social media. Each of these is a picture that Lensa made of someone's face.

The popular photo-editing app, made by Prisma AI, turns selfies into what the company calls "magic avatars."

Lensa AI is an application for modifying photographs that can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play.

Even though it's been getting a lot of attention lately, it's been around since 2018, and Prisma says it has "millions of users."

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez from "Pose and Loot" and Danielle Pinnock from "Ghosts" are just two of the stars who have posted recent portraits.

Lensa's website says that the app takes photos "to the next level" with tools like Face Retouch and Magic Correction that "fix the flaws in your face."

But the app's unique, exaggerated AI portraits aren't just the result of filters. Instead, they are made with a feature that asks you to upload 10–20 photos of yourself.

The company says, "These AI avatars are made from scratch with your face in mind." They promise "hundreds of artworks made by #artificialintelligence for you!"

The avatars that can be used on Lensa are not a free feature; instead, they can be purchased starting at $3.99 for 50 images.