By Steve Pedry  02/12/22

Huge New $914 Direct Payment Going Out To Millions

On December 30, a $914 check will be mailed to millions of Americans who receive Supplemental Security Income.

The $914 payment will be made every month in 2023 as a result of the 8.7 percent COLA rise. The December 30 check is for the month of January.

The payment is due on January 1, which is a holiday. Since December 30 is the closest business day to the customary payment date, the checks will be delivered early.

Payments are normally due on the first of each month. If that occurs on a weekend, benefits are paid on Fridays.

The $914 per month is an increase over the $841 per month received by beneficiaries in 2022. Married couples will now be able to get 

You may receive less if you have other sources of income or someone else pays your household expenditures.

SSI is a federal program for the elderly, blind or disabled adults, and blind or impaired children.

The eligibility criteria and federal payment standards are the same. To receive benefits, there are strict qualifications, including asset limits.

People living alone are only allowed to keep $2,000 in assets, while married couples are only allowed to maintain $3,000 in assets.