By Steve Pedry  10/12/22

How To Make Your Bedroom The Best Place To Sleep Ever

Sleep experts say that the following things in your bedroom can make a big difference in how well you sleep:

Temperature: A cooler room and bed might minimize nighttime perspiration and improve sleep. Keep your bedroom thermostat at 65°F, give or take.

Light: Blue light Sunlight or a device can disrupt sleep. Using blackout curtains and lowering the lights at night can help you sleep.

Pets: You can love your pet friends despite their nighttime noise. If your pet is restless, keep them off the bed.

Tidiness: Even if you don't see the mess in your bedroom, it can keep you awake. Make your bed every day to sleep better.

If your bedding is old, worn out, or in a state that makes it hard for you to sleep at the right temperature, you should get new bedding.

Sheets and comforter: Everyone has a different preference in sheets, so you’ll want to look for sheets that feel comfortable to you.

Pillows: The wrong pillow can keep you awake at night. You care for your head throughout the day, therefore it makes sense to do so at night.

Mattress: An old mattress or one that isn't right for the way you sleep can cause pain and discomfort at night.

Sleep masks: Putting on a sleep mask can help you get more sleep. Lavender-scented sleep masks might even help you calm down at the same time.

Blue light glasses: Anti-blue light glasses can help you get less blue light from screens when you can't turn them off completely.