Google introduces “Continuous Scrolling” on desktop for Search

This is an expansion of a feature that the company has had for  a while on mobile devices, and it is being made available here for the first time.

Users shouldn't think continuous scrolling indicates endless scrolling. Continuous scrolling shows six pages of search results before the "More" button.

Google restricts continuous scrolling of search results on mobile devices to a maximum of four pages at a time.

The results of a Google search have traditionally been displayed in a manner known as "paged" in the past.

So, before now, if a user scrolled down the page of search results and wanted to see more, they had to click on the page number at the bottom.

The new feature can also help sites that didn't rank high enough to be on the first page get more attention.

The change comes at a time when many Google users say that the quality of search results is getting worse.

In response, Google added more images to search results. It included Reddit and Quora results under "Discussions and forums" in September.

Google is also working to improve desktop search, even though a lot of features are made with mobile in mind first.