By Steve Pedry  05/12/22

Exact Date Of Monthly $500 Payments Is Confirmed

A payment of $500 will begin being distributed this month to THOUSANDS of financially struggling individuals in the United States.

Officials in Cook County, Illinois, have started a $42 million guaranteed income program. Residents can use the money however they want.

According to WTTW, on December 15 more than 3,000 persons will get their first payment of $500 each month.

In addition, citizens of the United States will receive payments from the guaranteed income program for a total of twenty-four months.

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle said that the program is the "largest" scheme in the country.

Officials said that more than 180,000 people applied for the payments every month, but only 3,250 people were chosen at random.

According to Clarence Shaffer, whose mother is 87 years old and requires care, the money is a relief. He shared this with WTTW.

He said, "This program could relieve me of a lot of worry and stress because it lets me keep some things I would have to think about changing."

"It can be used monthly or changed. You'll always make money. It's a major deal since it's $12,000 over two years." Clarence Shaffer added