By Steve Pedry  02/12/22

Doordash Cuts 1,250 Jobs In San Francisco

DoorDash, a tech company based in San Francisco that delivers food, said on Wednesday that it would lay off 1,250 people.

DoorDash CEO Tony Xu said in a message to employees and on the company's blog that the mass layoffs are "the most difficult change for DoorDash."

"I know that many of you will be surprised by today's news, especially since our business is still strong and growing,"

He said that the layoffs, like many other high-profile layoffs in the tech industry in recent years, are a backlash against "sudden and unprecedented opportunities."

Before the layoffs, about 20,000 people worked for DoorDash around the world, a company representative told SFGATE.

According to SEC filings, the company had about 8,600 employees around the world at the beginning of the year and about 3,900 at the beginning of 2021.

"Even though our business is growing quickly, our operating costs have gone up because we hired so many people so quickly."

According to Xu's note, the affected employees will get 17 weeks' worth of pay, a February 2023 stock vest, and health care until the end of March 2023.

Employees with H-1B visas will be let go on March 1, 2023. This means that workers will have an extra 60 days to find work in the United States.