Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Rumors And Assumptions

Ashley Judd is known not only for her movie roles but also for the Harvey Weinstein scandal. In 2017, the Harvey case began because of what she said.

In 2012, it was said for the first time that the actress had plastic surgery. Ashley Judd's face looked puffed up, which is common after fillers are put in.

Instead of making excuses, the actress wrote an article that explained her point of view. She said that society's view of women as things makes her feel pressure.

Ashley Judd says she hasn't had plastic surgery, but her pictures say otherwise. The actress is 54, but she has no wrinkles at all on her face.

At the same time, the skin looks tight, which is a sign of a facelift. The tension in the skin around the temples also made the eyes look smaller.

A forehead that doesn't move is a sign of Botox, and bigger cheeks are a sign of fillers. Most likely, she also had a brow and eyelid lift.

At the same time, the actress isn't ready to talk about the changes in her appearance, even though anyone who sees her in person or in a picture can see them.

Ashley said on Facebook in August 2019 that she had a certain kind of migraine. She also said that Botox is the only thing that helps her with her terrible headaches.

Migraines returned when she stopped Botox. Once she started Botox again, the migraine disappeared. It turns out that beauty injections can be used for medical reasons too.