By Steve Pedry

Are Zendaya And Tom Holland Engaged?

Fans of Tom Holland and Zendaya are ecstatic after "reports" of their engagement began circulating on Twitter.

On Tuesday, the account known as The Pop Hive published the following statement: "Tom Holland and Zendaya are apparently engaged!"

Along with a smiling couple shot. The unverified account with over 165k followers didn't say where these "reports" came from.

The tweet has 490k likes and 42.3k retweets. User: "Tom is Mr. Zendaya now." Another said, "But he's short."

Aside from the tweets, there hasn't been any legitimate media sites or sources that have confirmed the engagement.

Last week, a US Weekly source claimed they seem "severe and lasting." According to a source, they're "settling down" and preparing a "true future together."

In 2021, Holland shared with GQ that one of the drawbacks of their fame is that they no longer have control over their personal privacy.

Additionally, Holland has stated in a comment that has made news all over the world that he wants to slow down the pace of his acting career.

The Uncharted star won't discuss their relationship without her. "That's not me. Our tale. He said, "We'll discuss it when we're ready."