Apple Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Airtag Stalking Allegations

This week, a plan for a class action lawsuit was filed in federal court by a woman from Texas and a woman from New York. Each woman wants unspecified financial damages.

One woman says that her ex-boyfriend put a tracking device from the company in the wheel well of her car, hiding it with Sharpie marks and a plastic baggie.

The other person, who goes by the name Jane Doe, says that her ex-husband put the devices in her child's backpack more than once after bothering her about where she was.

The lawsuit alleged Ms. Doe fears for her safety. Her stalker continues to utilise AirTags to monitor, harass, and threaten her, and to determine her location.

She does not wish to expose herself to any further risk, so she has chosen to make her file under a fake identity.

AirTags are about the size of a quarter and can be put on things like keys or wallets to help find them. They use Bluetooth technology.

But at $29 each, they aren't too expensive, and they aren't hard to get, which makes them a good choice for bad things.

Apple added some safety features earlier this year, like an alert on the user's phone when an AirTag or AirPods could be used to track them.

Apple hasn't said anything about this case, but in a previous statement, it said, "We strongly condemn any malicious use of our products."