5 Top Tech Stocks Under $20 Per Share

Instead of a traditional credit score, the fintech company Upstart Holdings (UPST 1.64%) uses artificial intelligence to figure out if someone is creditworthy.

Upstart Holdings


Upstart says that compared to a credit score, its algorithms can lead to 53% fewer defaults at the same approval rate.

Another fintech company that uses technology to improve how people borrow money is Affirm Holdings (AFRM 8.20%).


Affirm Holdings

The company makes money by charging fees to merchants for sales made on its platform and by giving out loans with interest.

SentinelOne (S 3.32%) is a security company that uses artificial intelligence to turn data from devices into stories and find and remove threats that look suspicious.



SentinelOne is spending a lot of money on sales and marketing to grow its business, so it isn't yet making money.

Palantir Technologies (PLTR 2.53%) makes software solutions that help companies get the most out of their data.


Palantir Technologies

Palantir helps governments and private enterprises swiftly organise and analyse enormous amounts of data to make real-time decisions.

Amplitude (AMPL 5.62%) uses data to give companies the information they need to be more proactive.



Amplitude software reveals how users engage with digital products. This helps the organization develop new items, advertise them, and more.