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The Top 5 Celebrity CBD Brands Worth Trying

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1. Leaves of Snoop by Snoop Dogg
2. Forbidden Flowers by Bella Thorne
3. Khalifa Kush by Wiz Khalifa
4. Tyson 2.0 by Mike Tyson
5. Jay Z monogram
Other celebrity-owned cannabis brands
Do well-known cannabis brands live up to the hype?
Choose the best Celeb weed

The cannabis industry is attracting a wide range of investors as states legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana. Celebrity CBD brands are popular and many stars are trying to be a part of this thriving business.

Most celebrity marijuana products are made from sought-after strains to ensure they satisfy herb lovers. These include cultivars of feminized cannabis seeds that produce buds high in THC and CBD.

Want to try kush from a famous person’s brand? Keep reading to discover five famous marijuana lines worth your money.

1. Leaves of Snoop by Snoop Dogg

It’s no surprise that legendary weed connoisseur Snoop Dogg starts this list. As a well-known cannabis lawyer for over 20 years, trust that the rapper has one of the best marijuana businesses around.

Snoop Dogg’s cannabis brand, Leafs by Snoop, was launched in 2015 in Colorado. The collection includes sativa, indica, and CBD-dominant buds with concentrates, oil-infused chocolate bars, and edibles called Dogg Treats.

Snoop invests a lot in his cannabis line and only uses the best cannabis seeds in the production. He strives to give his fans high quality goods worth every dollar.

The celebrity continues to diversify his business with a recently launched online CBD store and his Doggy Bagg strain.

2. Forbidden Flowers by Bella Thorne

Actress Bella Thorne has been vocal about her love of marijuana. The actress claims that cannabis treats her anxiety, which motivates her to spread the benefits of the plant.

In 2019, Thorne launched one of the most popular cannabis brands, Forbidden Flowers. Bella hopes to address the scarcity of female entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry.

She sells indica, sativa, hybrid and CBD flowers, pre-rolls and edibles such as infused truffles. Glass House Farms grows the premium weed used by this brand. Bella hand-picks each strain and her packaging has a shimmering aesthetic to make her products stand out from the crowd.

3. Khalifa Kush by Wiz Khalifa

Wiz created the Khalifa Kush strain in 2010 to suit his specific preferences. KK or Wiz Khalifa OG has a fresh lemon and pine flavor.

The rapper decided to sell his cultivar to fans in 2014 and started a weed company with Cookies. The company is one of the top marijuana brands in areas like California, Nevada, and Michigan.

Khalifa’s cannabis brand successfully creates excellent products for herb lovers. These include edibles, prerolls, concentrates, vapes, and flowers.

The label also offers clothing and hoodies with marijuana messages such as “stay positive and stoned.” Wiz Khalifa plans to further expand his cannabis business into other markets, such as Florida.

4. Tyson 2.0 by Mike Tyson

After Mike Tyson opened up about his battle with addiction, he acknowledged that marijuana helped him break free from his dependence. Tyson is convinced that cannabis is an effective treatment to combat opioid abuse.

Because of his intimate relationship with weed, he began selling Tyson-approved cannabis products through his company. These include buds, edibles and pre-rolls from sativa, indica and hybrid strains.

Tyson 2.0 is one of the top celebrity cannabis brands because it contains high quality products grown by Columbia Care. This company is one of the most prominent growers and distributors of marijuana in the United States.

5. Jay Z monogram

Jay-Z’s Monogram is the perfect brand for luxury cannabis users. The company offers exclusive cannabis products such as prerolls, flowers and handrolls.

The rapper uniquely categorizes products based on the high they provide at light, medium, and heavy levels.

Another interesting aspect of this famous cannabis brand is the labeling system. The Star Numbers tribes personally use significant years, with each option promising a distinct flavor and experience.

Monogram’s flagship product is the 1.5 gram OG Handroll joint that looks like a giant weed cigar. The lavish design and minimalist black packaging will make any smoker feel like part of Jay’s billionaire crew.

Other celebrity-owned cannabis brands

Some celebrity weed brands appear to be opportunistic repackaging of products by a star who has little to do with cannabis culture. Consumers often ridicule these recommendations and are wary of companies that put profit margins before making quality products.

The household names with successful marijuana companies used their platforms to advocate for the herb before it went mainstream.

Seth Rogen openly praises cannabis and is known as Hollywood’s favorite stoner. His Houseplant collection sold out within 24 hours of its 2021 release.

The star’s achievement shows that celebrities who supported weed before legalization are creating marijuana brands that are considered more trustworthy.

Here are some other cannabis lines created by well-known cannabis users:

Of course from The Marleys
Willie’s Reserve by Willie Nelson
Canopy Growth by Martha Stewart
Highsman by Ricky Williams

Do well-known cannabis brands live up to the hype?

Celebrity brands are getting more attention as consumers grow tired of the poor standards of many of these companies. Stars need to be more careful about what they sell, as their status is unimportant to cannabis buyers.

Some celeb companies live up to the hype, while others are complete crap. Consuming marijuana is subjective, so choose a brand that offers the effects and flavors you like.

Don’t forget to check the cannabis laws in your state. If the police find you with weed while the plant is illegal, you risk jail time or fines.

Famous possession cases include Iman Shumpert, who faces jail time for having marijuana in Dallas.

Choose the best Celeb weed

Don’t just buy into the hype of celebrity CBD brands. Read reviews to judge whether products are worth your time and choose the products that meet your needs. Find the companies that offer quality cannabis products rather than just a known name.

What are you waiting for? There’s no better time to begin your journey through the many celebrity marijuana lines on offer.

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