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The end of adult lying life: what is Giovanna’s connection to the bracelet?

The coming-of-age story of a little girl named Giovanna is told in “The Lying Life of Adults” on Netflix. When things in her life begin to change drastically, the program picks up again at a crucial moment. Her parents’ perception of the world around her begins to crumble as she meets new people and her beliefs are put to the test. She discovers that anyone can teach her something new and that she sometimes knows more than adults. In the end, she makes a decision that changes her life forever. The meaning is as follows. Spoilers follow.

The Mendacious Life of Adults Plot Synopsis

Giovanna is performing poorly in school and her father worries that she is beginning to resemble Vittoria, her aunt. Giovanna is aware that Vittoria’s family does not think highly of her and that they are so far from her that Vittoria’s face has been scraped from every photo. She becomes curious about this and, against her parents’ advice, chooses to meet Vittoria. Her story then takes a dramatic turn as she soon realizes that Vittoria and her parents live in completely different worlds.

We follow Giovanna and her difficult relationship with her parents, who both perform dishonorably in her eyes. The program also focuses on Giovanna’s relationship with sisters Angela and Ida, with whom she grew up and is very close. When the affair between Giovanna’s father and their mother is revealed, things get a little messy between them. In addition, Roberto is a young man whom Giovanna is attracted to, but the fact that he is already in a relationship with someone else makes it difficult.

The lying life of adults: Why does Giovanna leave the bracelet at Rosario’s Place?

As we examine Giovanna’s story in The Lying Life of Adults, many things come and go. The bracelet she was reportedly given by Vittoria when she was a youngster plays a vital role in this. The first time it is mentioned is by Vittoria when she says she mailed it to her parents with instructions that Giovanna should receive it when she is older. Although her father claims that Vittoria never sent a bracelet, it later becomes clear that he actually gave it to Costanza.

The discovery of Andrea’s affair completely changes the lives of Giovanna and her mother Nella. Giovanna gets Costanza’s bracelet, but the young woman finds it hard to connect with something that was worn by her father’s mistress for so long. She keeps it anyway because she was originally supposed to be the recipient. She later learns that Giuliana’s grandmother was the original owner of the bracelet. It was taken by her father, Enzo, who then gifted the item to Vittoria’s mother. It was then given to Vittoria, who held it dear to her as a memento of Enzo’s affection for her.

For Giuliana, the bracelet first represented a link to her family’s past. She got it as an heirloom from her aunt, a relationship she was never able to discover. Similar to the concept of freedom, which is covered further in the novel, it was something she was supposed to have but was denied. But when she starts removing the myriad layers covering this particular object, she discovers that, like everything else, the story being created around it is a fabrication, a lie.

As a lie, the bracelet was given to Giovanna’s family. Vittoria further added to it by giving it purpose in the form of Enzo’s memories. She admitted to Giovanna that she had sex and only loved Enzo. However, Giovanna later learns that her aunt had lied about the sexual aspect. The bracelet’s significance is further diminished when it is used to depict her father’s extramarital affair. He gave the bracelet to the woman he was having an affair with, even though he was already married and had a family. The bracelet was important to him because it belonged to his mother.

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Although Giovanna had initially associated the bracelet with something beautiful and precious, it later represented all the lies the adults in her life had created and spread. When Giovanna learns that Vittoria is leaving the family home and moving to the affluent area to work for a wealthy woman, the bracelet’s significance diminishes further.

Giovanna felt that Vittoria was above the bourgeois lifestyle her father had pursued all his life when she first saw her aunt. Giovanna’s choices, decisions, and even her relationship with her parents were all influenced by Vittoria’s worldview, which she instilled in her young niece. But in the end it turns out that Vittoria’s teachings to Giovanna were also a hoax. When the time was right, Vittoria let go of her beliefs very easily, which convinces Giovanna that all adults are living some sort of lie.

Giovanna sleeps with Rosario as a show of rebellion. She was aware of Vittoria’s strong dislike for him and the reaction her parents would have to her behavior. But to her, their opinion no longer matters or is something she values. She leaves the bracelet at his house in an attempt to express this feeling. This action proves that she is now ready to cut off all contact with adults and live her life as she sees fit.

Why are Giovanna and Ida running away?

Giovanna and Ida are shown collecting their belongings and leaving town on a bus in the closing shot of the show, ready to start a new chapter in their lives. This seems like the logical next step for Giovanna, especially in light of the fact that she’s been abandoned by every adult in her life. The ideal environment she had grown up in fell apart when she met Vittoria, as she realized how deceitful and hypocritical her parents and their ilk had been. She then realizes that Vittoria and other people are fooling themselves as well.

the end of the adult lying life explained, the end of the adult lying life, how does the adult lying life end, the plot of the adult lying life

Roberto made a special impression on Giovanna because he made her feel seen. She fell in love with him, and it wasn’t just the way he spoke to her or looked at her. Besides, it was his ideology and how vehemently he seemed to support it. But by the end, Giovanna understands that he is also creating a front for himself. On the outside he may seem immaculate and well organized, but on the inside he is just like any other adult.

We learn that Ida went through a similar journey in her last monologue. She felt unloved, as did Giovanna, especially when she and Angela made her feel left out. Her parents’ divorce after her mother’s affair paralleled the circumstances in Giovanna’s home, putting both of them in a similar state of mind. Like Giovanna, Ida feels abandoned by the adults in her life and no longer wants to live in the shadow of their hopes and expectations. She wants to chart her own path instead of following the path others have already taken.

Giovanna and Ida’s storylines also coincide with their sex scenes. Both explore it as a way to rebel against their parents and engage in behavior with the men that would be viewed as negative by the adults in their immediate environment. Both view their first meeting as a chore to be completed in order to grow up and leave their childhood years behind, which makes it unpleasant for both of them. It’s just a formality before they can embark on the adventure of their new life; it is a rite of passage.

It’s fitting that they should escape together, given the many parallels in their stories. They now want to see the world outside their small village without parental control or influence because they have seen how limited it is there. By doing so, they take charge of their lives and let go of the lies that have ruled them in the past.

the end of the adult lying life explained, the end of the adult lying life, how does the adult lying life end, the plot of the adult lying life

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