The biggest win in UK casino history

The biggest win in UK casino history

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Jon Heywood, a British soldier from Crewe, England, scored the biggest win in British casino history. On October 6, 2015, he won a whopping £13,209,300 on a 25 pence spin on Microgaming’s popular online slot game called Mega Moolah. This was the biggest win in UK casino history, so much so that it was recorded as the biggest online slot jackpot of all time in the Guinness Book of World Records. What made it even more remarkable was that it was achieved with such a small bet.

Factors that contributed to the biggest win in UK casino history

The biggest win in UK casino history was won by luck and skill. Like any casino game, the odds of winning in ‘Mega Moolah’ are determined by the game’s algorithms. But as with any game of chance, luck plays a part in the outcome. Jon Heywood was lucky enough to win the jackpot on his 25 pence bet, but his skill in choosing the right game and excellent bet were also a factor in his success.

In addition to luck and skill, Jon Heywood’s victory was partly due to play progressive jackpot system. ‘Mega Moolah’ is a progressive jackpot game, which means that it collects a percentage of every bet on the game and adds it to the jackpot. Therefore, the jackpot keeps increasing until it is won, increasing the chances of a lucky player winning a large sum of money. Mega Moolah is known to bring huge winnings, but to this day no one has beaten Heywood’s jackpot.

What can you do to win big?

While there is no way to guarantee winnings in any casino game, slots or table games, you can use specific strategies to do so increases the chance of success. For example, it is essential to research available slot sites for real money, the game and get a good understanding of the rules and payout odds. It is essential to understand the game’s bonus features and take advantage of them whenever possible. It’s also essential to set and stick to a budget, and to take regular breaks from playing.


Jon Heywood’s £13.2 million winnings were down to a combination of luck, skill and the game’s progressive jackpot system. Even though he still holds the record for the biggest win in the UK, there will eventually be a new winner.

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