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Spotting celebrities at the World Cup

Photo by Vienna Reyes

If you like sports and celebrities, the World Cup makes for an exciting end to the year. Qatar will host the competition, which will run from the opening game next Sunday to the final, played exactly one week before Christmas. During that time, followers are treated to numerous goals, exciting matches, topics of conversation and, of course, the biggest names in football.

With every game televised and broadcast via live streaming apps and a highlight show every night, there’s no reason to miss a game. Stay up to date with the scores, results, predictions and bets at major online sportsbooks. The best apps even give registered members – it’s free to join – access to the live stream for free. Watch anywhere in the country with your desktop computer or smartphone.

What can we expect in Qatar 2022? Which celebrities are we likely to see, on the playing field or in the stands? Read on as we pick out some football stars to watch this winter and information on how to secure a free bet. As online gambling continues to sweep America, it can be difficult to know where you stand. The rules regarding online sports betting in california differ from what is available to people in Las Vegas.

If you’re going to watch the World Cup, you might as well try to make a profit. Let’s look at the best ways to do that.

Stars emerge to shine

The FIFA World Cup brings the stars of football out to play. This tournament takes place every four years, so the best players only enjoy a few renewals of this competition, and even fewer are privileged enough to win it. That’s why you see the top names giving it their all. Football is the sport they have dedicated their lives to and they are desperate to reach the pinnacle and win this trophy.

The top scorer market will be a great fit if you want to combine star-spotting with football and betting. The list reads like a who’s who of professional sports, with every leading player being a household name. That goes for avid football fans and those with only a passing interest in the biggest games and tournaments.

With the top scorer betting market you have to predict which player will score the most goals Qatar in the next four weeks. It doesn’t matter how far their nation goes. They can be eliminated in the group stage or win the final, as long as your player reaches the goal early.

To increase your chances of winning, you want to find a pick that plays for a team that is likely to make it to the later rounds. The more time they have on the pitch in Qatar, the more likely they are to score goals and win the golden boot. But which player should carry your bet?

Leading Candidates

Every player from every team is featured in the World Cup 2022 top scorers market, and you can try your luck by supporting as many names as you like. Some gamblers divide their bets and choose four or five players with different odds to increase their chances of winning.

England’s Harry Kane is the pre-tournament favorite at all major sportsbooks. The Tottenham Hotspur striker has experience scoring crucial goals in major international competitions, including the World Cup and European Championships. Kane helped his team to the Euro 2020 final last summer and is expected to pick up where he left off by scoring in Qatar.

Kane is a strong bet if you’re looking for a top scorer. He has decent chances, plays for a team that will probably play at least four or five games, and he will take the opportunities that come his way.

Maybe Kane isn’t the man for you? Well, there are many more. French prodigy Kylian Mbappé is second on the top scorer betting list and the PSG star is likely to be popular. He still has years ahead of him and more to come from Mbappé. But that does not apply to Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who both know that this will be their last World Cup.

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