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Shahmaran: release date, cast, plot, trailer and everything you need to know!

The arrival of a new season in 2023 will make it the best year yet for Supernatural television viewers. You already know that the Sahmaran is a folktale about a human-serpent hybrid if you’ve heard or read about it. A tragic but beautiful story is that she fell in love with someone. The new drama series will be inspired by mythology and tell the story of Sahsu and how she fulfilled her prophecy.

The upcoming series will feature a lot of snakes in addition to love, wisdom and possibly betrayal. You should put January 20 in your calendar for the upcoming series, which offers an intriguing setting and captivating plot.

Shahmaran season 1 plot

In the Turkish love story, Shahmaran, half woman, half snake, falls in love with a man. It tells the story of Sahsu, a woman who was provoked to anger by her family and had to confront her grandfather about a mistake he committed in the past. Grandpa Sahsu left her mother in the city of Adan, a place where she never felt comfortable. Sahsu is on her way to her grandfather’s house when she is captured by the Mar community. In this mystical society, she is seen as the long-awaited fulfillment of a prophecy. The interaction between Sahsu and Maran will have a lasting impact on her fate. But will she be able to accept her new identity and the changes she still has to make?

Shahmaran Season 1 Cast

The series is written by Umur Turagay, who is best known for writing the screenplays for the TV shows Portrait of Beauty, Hot Skull and 17 Mayis. Serenay Saikaya’s Sahsu, the main heroine of the series, travels to the city to confront her grandpa, but soon discovers that there is a deeper mystery there. She is a Turkish actress who has acted in many other shows including Saskin and Plajda and played the lead role in the Peri Masali show. She will star opposite Burak Deniz who will play Maran. Denis has played several roles including Murat Sarsilmaz in Ask Laftan Anlamaz. Among the other performers are Mert Ramazan, Ebru Ozkan, Mahir Gunsiray, Mustafa Urgulu, Nil Sude Albayrak, Berfu Halisdemir and Mehmet Bilge Aslan.

Shahmaran season 1 trailer

Fortunately, a trailer for the television series Shahmaran is currently online; you can see it on Netflix or YouTube. The teaser of the series begins with a woman strolling through the woods, then transitions to her walking down the street, a woman with no clothes on, and a downpour. The themes of friendship, desire, fun, betrayal and python are highlighted in the trailer. A voiceover tells how the man killed his lover when he jumped off the cliff to end his life. The series’ intriguing, dramatic, and exciting teaser teases us with more to come once the show airs.

Shahmaran Season 1 Release Date

The upcoming episode will air on January 20, so the new year brings some exciting news. These are some of the changes we think will be coming soon, but we haven’t chosen the episode of the new series or decided if they will air at the same time.

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