Seat adjustments with Cong, tribal party to defeat BJP in Tripura: Yechury

Seat adjustments with Cong, tribal party to defeat BJP in Tripura: Yechury

However, he criticized the party’s West Bengal unity for forming a “front” with Congress and other parties in the 2021 polls.

Yechury said that defeating the ruling BJP in the upcoming Assembly elections in Tripura is the main goal of the CPI-M and that this requires the formation of an alternative secular and democratic front.

When asked, he said that the party’s Central Committee had criticized West Bengal unity for bringing the seat adjustment to the level of a political front – Popular Front.

“Forming a political front is an alliance. Seat adjustment was designed to attract as many votes as possible in favor of the secular parties. Appropriate electoral tactical policies were adopted at the 23rd Party Congress of the CPI-M (held at Kannur in Kerala) to fight against BJP and RSS. We are looking for unity of secular parties,” the CPI-M chief told media after the two-day meeting of the party’s state committee.

Yechury justified the seat adjustments with the Congress in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Tripura, saying that the left-wing parties fought against the Congress along with the elements now in power before the 1975 declaration of a state of emergency, but now for the sake of democracy, common harmony and secularism, unity of all secular parties including Congress is crucial to fight BJP.

Regarding TIPRA’s (Tipraha Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance) demand for a separate tribal state “Greater Tipraland”, the CPI-M leader said his party has also tried to give the tribes as much autonomy as possible and an amendment has been tabled in the parliament. for that matter a long time ago.

CPI-M Tripura Secretary of State Jitendra Chowdhury, who was also present at the media briefing, said that earlier some other outfits had demanded for sovereign Tripura, now TIPRA wants constitutional solutions to the tribal issues.

Chowdhury refuted Union Home Secretary Amit Shah’s claim that “the communist parties of the whole world have been eliminated”, saying that Shah distorted the facts even when the communist parties came to power even very recently in Nepal, Brazil and many other Latin American countries. .

The CPI-M secretary of state urged civil society to protest against the uncontrolled violence in Tripura, claiming that BJP leaders and cadres are involved in all kinds of crimes including drug trafficking, but the police took no action.

“The country’s home minister has been spreading false information and making false claims about the performance of the BJP government in Tripura. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma confessed at a pre-poll meeting on Monday in the south of Tripura itself that he had made false promises before the election,” he said.

Chowdhury said all opposition parties would inform the visiting full Election Commission team about the terror, violence and all the farce elections that took place after the BJP-led government in Tripura came to power in March 2018.

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