NHAI to identify and correct accident-prone trajectories

NHAI to identify and correct accident-prone trajectories

A senior official said NHAI is making concerted efforts to identify accident-prone stretches and black spots on national highways during Road Safety Week, January 11-17, 2023.

To this end, NHAI has given its field officers more powers for road safety mitigation measures. The government has also delegated a road safety officer to each regional office to oversee safety work.

Between the years 2015-2018, approximately 4,002 black spots were identified on state highways under NHAI.

Short-term safety measures have been implemented for all these black spots and work on long-term safety measures has been completed at 2,704 black spots.

In FY 2021-2022 alone, safety mitigation measures have been implemented at approximately 716 black spots. The remaining 1,298 black spots are in various stages of implementation for long-term security measures.

To enhance road safety, all NHAI regional officials have been asked to develop five sections of ‘Model Safe Road’ of at least 15 km in length, along with five ‘Model Safe Construction Zones’.

Ten such routes/construction zones with the best safety compliance will be evaluated and recognized to serve as demonstration routes for further replication.

Improving safety on national highways is one of NHAI’s top priorities and it is committed to providing a safe, smooth and seamless travel experience for all commuters on the national highways.

To promote the cause of safer roads for everyone, the Ministry of Road Traffic and Highways is holding Road Safety Week from 11 to 17 January.

During the week, various activities will be organized throughout the country to raise awareness among the general public and give everyone involved the opportunity to contribute to road safety.

This includes various awareness campaigns regarding causes of road accidents and measures to prevent them.

Various activities are also planned with students, motorists and all other road users.

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