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Netflix officially extends “Wednesday” for Season 2

Prepare yourself, fans of the macabre: “Wednesday” has been greenlit for a second season. On January 6, Netflix released a short teaser starring Jenna Ortega as the titular Wednesday, along with clips from the show and fan gatherings. Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary”, which was linked to the show on TikTok, also served as the soundtrack for the video. The music video on Netflix announced that “the global phenomenon will return for season two.”

With a tweet shared a day earlier on Jan. 5, Netflix hinted at the continuation of the popular Addams Family series by sharing a scene of Wednesday (Ortega) typing from the season finale. She ends her novel manuscript with “The End” and a question mark, and Netflix simply titled the clip “????????”

Since “Wednesday” has been a big hit since its debut in November 2022, it was clear that Netflix would indeed renew the show. The series was again the most watched program on the streamer’s list of English-language TV programs as of January 3. After countless viewers imitated Ortega’s famous dance, the show received two Golden Globe nominations in 2023 and gained popularity on TikTok.

She declined saying “I Was Blown Away” Alfred Gough and Miles Millar’s “Wednesday” was based on cartoonist Charles Addams’ Addams Family concept. Tim Burton directed the first four episodes of the Netflix series. Ortega will be back on the schedule when it resumes, and it’s conceivable that the majority of the cast members who survived season one with her will also return to Nevermore Academy. These actors include Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair and Joy Sunday as Bianca Barclay. In addition to Victor Dorobantu as The Thing, Luis Guzmán as Gomez, Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley, Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia also star. The day Netflix plans to release the second season has not yet been announced.

In an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” on November 30, Ortega expressed her goals for season two. She commented, “I actually want her to be darker.” “There are a lot of rules about her saving the school and doing something, but in my opinion her primary motivation with the monster is competitiveness. I want her to get more involved in the details and stop playing it so safe. “Man, how does this man do this?” kind of feeling”

“I think I want it to be an anti-hero stream rather than a traditional hero,” Ortega continued. Whatever she has in mind, we’re ready.

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