Lucknow: Three arrested for smuggling banned drugs into US

Lucknow: Three arrested for smuggling banned drugs into US

The STF arrested three men from Durgapuri locality in Nilmatha area, under Cantt police ring in Lucknow.

The STF also seized tablets and Rs 6.57 lakh as well as wrappers and packaging materials of herbal and Ayurvedic medicines.

The accused received orders from international customers through WhatsApp, Skype and the Dark Web, while payments were made through online virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, payment gateways and through the Hawala network.

They said about Rs 20 lakh was found in their bank accounts and the process of freezing them is almost over.

STF Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP), Vishal Vikram Singh, said those arrested were identified as Yasir Jameel Khan Faizi, Hamza Ahmad and Inamul Haq.

He said the trio were arrested when they were present near Yasir Jameel’s house near Nilmatha. Banned medicines were found in Yasir Jameel’s home.

The ASP said Jameel revealed during questioning that Hamza and Inam had offered to send these two drugs to different addresses in the US after receiving orders from international customers. He said Jameel had sent these drugs to US customers as many as 150 times in the past two years.

“Yasir said that the duo offered him Rs 600-700 per strip of tablets available in Indian market for Rs 30-40. He bought these tablets from various drug dealers and couriers to international addresses after switching packaging with herbal and Ayurvedic medicines containing on it. He always made these wrappers himself,” the ASP said.

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