Louis Theroux Religion, What Religion Is Louis Theroux?  Is Louis Theroux Jewish?

Louis Theroux Religion, What Religion Is Louis Theroux? Is Louis Theroux Jewish?

Louis Theroux Religion

Author, journalist, presenter and documentary maker Louis Theroux is British-American. He has won a Royal Television Society Television Award and two British Academy Television Awards. Theroux moved to the US after graduating from Magdalen College in Oxford and worked as a journalist for Metro Silicon Valley and Spy. Hosting eccentric segments of Michael Moore’s TV Nation program, he made his television debut. He later began hosting his own documentaries for the BBC, including Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends, When Louis Met… and a number of BBC Two specials. Since religion by Louis Theroux is a popular search topic on the internet, keep reading to learn more.

What religion is Louis Theroux?

Despite coming from a Jewish family, Louis Theroux has stated that he is not a religious person. In reality, he admitted to being an atheist in an interview with The Daily Telegraph in 2012. While Theroux may not be religious, his upbringing clearly influenced his writing. In many of his documentaries he explores different facets of religion and belief, often focusing on the more bizarre or unconventional belief systems.

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Is Louis Theroux Jewish?

No, Theroux describes himself as an atheist in his documentary The Ultra Zionists. When asked if he is Jewish in Louis and the Nazis, despite being generally cool and collected, he seems to be a bit embarrassed and refuses to say whether or not he is, which his accuser inadvertently frustrates. Proponents and opponents alike have argued over whether or not Theroux is Jewish. While some argue that his lack of religious beliefs proves he is not Jewish, others argue that his history still plays an important role in who he is. It is ultimately up to Louis Theroux to decide whether he is Jewish or not.

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Louis Theroux Wife

Nancy Strang and Louis Theroux were married on July 7, 2012. Nancy directs television. Louis and Nancy’s three children are named Frederick, Albert and Walter Theroux. In 1998 he married Susanna Kleeman. But their union came to an end when they got divorced in 2001.

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Louis Theroux family

Louis Theroux was born on May 20, 1970 in Singapore. His father, Alistair Theroux, was a journalist and his mother, Anne Castle, was a teacher. When Louis was a young boy his family moved to England where he attended leading schools including Westminster School and Magdalen College, Oxford. Famed novelist and travel writer Paul Theroux was Theroux’s paternal grandfather. The actor and screenwriter Peter Theroux is his great-uncle. The actor Justin Theroux is also his cousin once removed.

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