India successfully tests SRBM Prithvi-II

India successfully tests SRBM Prithvi-II

The missile hit its target with great accuracy. The launch user training has successfully validated all operational and technical parameters of the missile, a Defense Ministry official said, adding that the Prithvi-II, a time-tested system, has been an integral part of India’s nuclear deterrent .

In December last year, a successful night-time test was conducted with a nuclear-capable Agni-5 ballistic missile capable of hitting targets at ranges of up to 5,000 kilometers with a very high degree of accuracy.

The test has also been conducted in Odisha and based on the test results, the range of the missile can be further increased.

Agni 5’s test was conducted to ensure new equipment and more advanced technology in the rocket. The tested Agni-5 ballistic missile was lighter than before.

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