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In pictures: Shay Mooney’s impressive weight loss and how he did it

Shay Mooney sets some impressive fitness goals! The Dan + Shay country artist recently posted a shirtless before and after selfie on Instagram to show off his incredible makeover. The image shows the singer’s slimmer body after his recent 50lb weight loss.

Fans were stunned by Mooney’s transformation, and he credited his body change to consistency. Read on to learn more about the 31-year-old singer’s struggles to lose weight.

Shay Mooney shows off his body transformation in Instagram selfie

On Jan. 2, the 10,000 Hours singer posted a shirtless selfie to Instagram that contrasted his former curvier body with his current lean body. “Consistency. In just six months my whole world changed. No fads or gimmicks. just consistency. You can do it if the worn out guy on the left can.” Mooney wrote the post’s caption.

His other country musicians applauded the singer in their comments.

The other day I barely saw you in the school drop-off line! Bravo, brother. Wonderful,” wrote Thomas Rhett. Bruh!’ said Coffey Anderson. That’s what I’m referring to! See you there! Yessss! #LFG @shaymooney Well done mate.

The singer lost more than 50 pounds in six months

Mooney had stated that by December 2022 he had lost 50 pounds in six months. At the time, he posted on Instagram about his weight loss efforts with the caption, “It’s strange not recognizing yourself. I reached a mental and physical place that I will never return to. What we consume matters. The people you spend time with are important.

What you decide to do with your time matters. I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported me in changing my life. I was not forced to do this. For myself, I wanted to change my life. Never have I felt so alive. Let’s go for greatness; I’m not looking for mediocrity, the singer continued.

Dam Smyers, a band member, had shown appreciation for his efforts at the time, adding, “I’m so proud of you I could cry. In fact, after seeing this, maybe. The fact that all your efforts are paying off – both physically and intellectually and emotionally – makes me incredibly happy. motivates me and others around me to improve as an individual.

Mooney reveals the inspiration behind his transformation

In an interview last month, the musician spoke candidly about what motivated him to lose weight. He pointed to his bandmate Dan and laughed, “I have to stand next to this guy all the time.” “I went through a time when I just didn’t feel well. It was more for my overall well-being than strictly for my looks. I also lost about 53 or 54 pounds,” he continued.

Mooney went on to share the secret to his transformation, claiming that a clean diet, abstinence from alcohol, modest strength training, and daily seven-mile walks were key factors in achieving his ideal physique. That’s all! I have completely changed my way of life and I have never felt better psychologically, physically or spiritually,” said the singer.

what nationality is shay mooney, who is shay mooney, who is shay mooney married to, how much weight did someone lose in a month

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