If a man steals $100 riddle answer: Check out the answer if a man steals $100, explained here

If a man steals $100 riddle answer: Check out the answer if a man steals $100, explained here

COVID-19 lockdown, doesn’t sound cool. but what is the option?

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world’s entertainment to its knees. Aside from bringing an unprecedented halt to clubbing, pool parties and movie theaters, COVID-19 is trapping people in their boring lives. Months ago, the WHO issued a statement detailing the precautions to be taken to prevent further spread of the virus. We were only told to make a new normal at home and leave the house to go to work if absolutely necessary. Since then, we have all done our best to adapt to new and rather surreal lifestyles. But one cannot live that long, people are now finding new ways to get through this monotonous corona era. many of us have had a lot more free time and are more into entertainment, cooking, exercise etc. Some are sharing riddles in WhatsApp and Instagram groups to make this new normal even more exciting.

There are many riddles on the internet, one of them is this riddle. Here you can view the answer along with the explanation and much more information.

Let’s see if a man steals a $100 riddle

Riddles have been shared on social media for weeks to give us a sort of daily test. So let’s get one of the latest…

If a man steals a $100 riddle.

A man walks into a store and steals a $100 bill from the register without the owner’s knowledge.

He then buys $70 worth of goods using the $100 bill and the owner gives $30 in change.

How much money has the owner lost?

$30, $70, $100, $130, $170 or $200?

Think carefully before scrolling down to the answer. What could describe this? It’s so important to think outside the box. This is a math question, so you have to think outside the box. Don’t just think about objects or the physical…

Still don’t have it? Well, no sweat. We’ve got the answer below!

The answer to this riddle is that.

The owner lost $100.


The man takes $100 from the cash register, he returns the $100 to the owner when he pays for the goods, but the owner then lost $70 worth of goods, the owner also loses $30 when he gives the man his change, $ 70 worth of goods + $30 in change = $100

Hahaha, this is an old but intriguing riddle that can really sharpen your wits

So what are you waiting for, share this with your friends and family to see if they can fix it

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