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How to Increase Your Chances of Winning at Live Blackjack

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One of the simplest and most exciting games in any casino, blackjack has many hidden features. In real brick-and-mortar casinos, blackjack is the only game where you can get a positive math expectation. Beginners prefer to use a basic strategy. and experienced players sometimes practice several strategies at the same time, their advantage over the gambling house can be up to 2% of the average bet.

Despite the relatively complex rules, learning basic blackjack strategy is enough for beginners to master the game and achieve good results in the game. online gambling real money game. An important advantage of blackjack is the ability to minimize the mathematical advantage of a gambling club by using certain strategies. In addition, the gameplay is exciting from the first minutes.

Black Jack rules consist of many components and every point should be known because it is important. But for beginners, it is enough to master the basic concepts and only then gradually understand the details of online blackjack. Thus, the object of the game, known as “21”, is to score 21 points or less, but in no case more (otherwise the points will be lost). The number of points must be higher than that of the dealer. If the banker and the player have the same number of points, it is a tie and everyone keeps their points.

The game Blackjack for money is played as follows:

  • the dealer deals two cards to the players and himself (last), then reveals one card (in most versions of the game);
  • players take optional purchases (extra cards) and try to increase the number of points to 21;
  • the points are counted, the victory of one side or the other or a tie is announced;
  • in the event of a gambler’s win, the payout accrues according to the established multipliers.

Points are calculated according to the value of the cards:

  • from two to ten – according to the face value;
  • King, Queen, Jack – 10 points each;
  • Ace – 1 or 11 points (because it is more profitable for the player).

Any card worth 10 points in combination with Ace (11 points) is the strongest hand, or Blackjack.

Types of bets and player actions in online blackjack

The player’s rights in online blackjack are not limited to buying. In certain situations (depending on the two cards dealt), the following options are available:

  1. Splitting the same cards into two hands (Split). Conditionally, one hand turns into two, that is, the player gets double chances to win. Split requires a bet on the starting amount. You can only split points if the first two cards are equal, for example King + ten, two sevens, etc. The first hand play does not depend on the second hand play.
  2. Doubling the bet (Dabl). You can raise the initial bet after the first two cards are dealt and buy-in if necessary.
  3. Refusal to continue playing (Sarendo). Some variants of online blackjack allow you to refuse to play after receiving the first two cards. In this case, the player gets half of the bet back.
  4. Insurance. When the feature is in play, the gambler can insure against blackjack from the banker after opening a card. If it is an ace, the player bets half of the initial bet and wins 2:1 – provided the dealer has blackjack. Otherwise a draw is declared.

Specific rules and features are laid out on the page of each version of blackjack in online casinos. You should read them carefully before starting the game.

Variety of online blackjack for money

In online casinos, blackjack is represented by two main types:

  1. American. The banker deals himself two cards, opens one. Wait for the players to buy in. If there is a chance of blackjack formation, participants are invited to take out insurance (provided it is allowed by the rules).
  2. European. The dealer takes a card, but does not open it. After the players have made their moves, the second card is drawn. One of the cards is opened.

Each type has numerous variations that differ in the nuances of the blackjack rules, number of decks, features, design, etc. Some variants such as Pontoon, Switch, Exchange, Spanish are less common but can be found in casinos . As for the popular versions of the game, each of them may have its own peculiarity. This is because each provider tries to implement some unique options in their own developments to make the game recognizable.

Live blackjack with a real dealer

Live blackjack – the live format of the game – is in huge demand, which is explained by the ability to play with a real professional croupier located in a land-based studio. From there, the game process is broadcast in real time and all the actions of the host are filmed by many cameras. Participants can ask the dealer questions and (often) see each other’s comments. Playing live blackjack allows the gambler to feel the atmosphere of a mainland hall which adds to the game and makes it more exciting.

Leading manufacturers of online blackjack

The most famous developers of the card game are the following companies:

  • Microgaming. Many variants of Black Jack, with different currencies accepted.
  • NetEnt. Various modifications of entertainment, including live blackjack.
  • Playing technique. About a dozen versions, including Pro (“7 cards”), Surrender (split bet), Switch (minimal casino edge), Lucky (one deck), etc.

Live and virtual blackjack is also offered by Evolution Gaming, Evoplay, iSoftBet, Yggdrasil, etc. Most tables can be seen in official live blackjack casino.

Strategies for a more profitable online blackjack game

In order to win as often as possible, users often resort to a number of blackjack tactics, the essence of which is very simple and lies in the expediency of the purchase. So it is not advisable to take an extra card if the value of the first two cards is 17 points or more. Or if the banker has 4-6 and the player has 12-16 points. On the other hand, a purchase is appropriate in the following cases

  • the player has 11 or fewer points;
  • the dealer has 7 points, the gambler has 12-16 points;
  • with a soft (1 point) Ace and 17 or less points.

In blackjack, strategies come down to the main rule: always stop when you have 17 or more points. And also double soft hands with combinations:

  • Ace and two/three against 5-6 points;
  • Ace and four/five against 4-6;
  • Ace and seven against 3-6.

Some participants in the game keep track of the hand and the number of face cards and tens remaining in the deck. If there are a lot of such cards, you can play blackjack online with higher stakes, because the probability of collecting a strong combination is very high.

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