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How to care for your favorite personalized photo pendant?

Photo by Evgeniya Shustikova

Want to surprise someone special with a priceless, wearable keepsake? A personalized photo pendant offers a special way to honor your family, friends and loved ones by allowing you to carry their memories with you always. You can keep your loved one close to your heart with the help of a photo necklace. Our pendants will respect your decision, whether you want to commemorate a loved one who has passed away or simply remember a memorable occasion. The beautiful image necklace puts your memories in the spotlight.

Give or buy yourself the beautiful 3D photo pendant

There is no better way to cherish the love and bond between you and your loved ones than to wear these charming pieces of 3D engraved crystals around your neck. It not only adds emotional value to the pendant, but also looks trendy. You can wear it over dresses, tops, shirts, etc., and they still look beautiful around your neck. Show off your love by encasing it in this beautiful 3D crystal photo pendant.

Just select your favorite photo of your loved one and have it engraved. You can get it custom made through online shops and websites and have it delivered to your home with love in no time. Buy these beautiful pendants and feel connected to your loved ones, even if they have physically existed in your life for longer. Wear it around your neck and flaunt their existence in your life.

All jewelry, even the most precious, needs basic care. Below are some tips that will help you make sure your jewelry lasts.

Do your makeup first

Makeup contains chemicals and to protect your jewelry from harmful chemicals, make sure you apply the lotion and do your makeup first. Putting on jewelry after you do your makeup will reduce your jewelry’s exposure to chemicals.

Do not take a dip in the pool with the jewelry on

We all love swimming pools; however, the water of swimming pools and jacuzzis contains chlorine, which can discolor the jewelry. That’s why it’s a good idea to always take off your jewelry before taking a dip. Not only in the pool, but you should also take off your jewelry before showering, as the chemicals in your soaps and shampoos can damage your favorite jewelry and lose its shine.

Keep your jewelry safe

Even if your personalized jewelry is not as expensive as your gold or diamond jewelry, it still has emotional value. Therefore, you should keep this piece safe. Make it a point to keep your jewelry in a safe piece of jewelry. You don’t have to buy an expensive jewelry box to store your jewelry, but you can also store your jewelry in an ordinary shoe box with a soft fabric on top and put your jewelry on it.

Just like any other item, jewelry also has a life and will eventually lose its shine. However, by taking care of your jewelry in the best way, you can extend the life of your favorite pieces.

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