How do you catch Kecleon in Pokemon Go?  What is Pokémon Go?

How do you catch Kecleon in Pokemon Go? What is Pokémon Go?

How do you catch Kecleon in Pokemon Go?

Kecleon will take place on random PokeStops once Chespin Community Day ends on January 7 at 5PM local time, so the only method to find one is by interacting with as many PokeStops in your area as possible. You’ll understand if you encountered a Kecleon, as its invisible form sticks to the PokeStop disc. If you try to run it, a message will inform you that ‘an invisible object’ is preventing you from reaching it. When this happens, keep tapping Kecleon until it disappears from the PokeStop. It should then spawn on the nearby map, and you’ll be able to start the capture process just like any additional wild Pokemon.

We’re still deciding what Kecleon’s catch percentage is and how likely it is to flee, so it’s best to use all the tricks you can to make sure you catch him: Ultra Balls, Pinap Berries, and getting off from Excellent Curveball Throws. It should also be clarified how long Kecleon hangs around the game throughout. It may only be available under important circumstances, such as Community Days, so try to bring one with you while you can.

Kecleon stats and moves in Pokemon GO


  • Attack – 161

  • Defense – 189

  • Stamina – 155

  • CP Max–2314


  • Air Ace: Fly, 55 damage, 45 energy

  • Flamethrower: fire, 90 damage, 55 energy

  • Foul play: dark, 70 damage, 45 energy

  • Ice beam: ice, 90 damage, 55 energy

  • Shadow Sneak: Ghost, 50 damage, 45 energy

  • Thunder: Electric, 100 damage, 60 energy

pokemon go

Pokémon Go is the 2016 year of augmented reality (AR) mobile game, a region of the Pokemon franchise, created and broadcast by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and also The Pokémon Company for iOS and Android devices. It uses GPS-enabled mobile devices to discover, capture, train, and virtually battle creatures called Pokémon that appear to be in the player’s real location.

Pokemon Go gameplay

After opening a game account, players create and personalize their avatars. Once created, an avatar is shown on a map drawn up based on the player’s geographic location. Segments on the map include ‘PokéStops’ and ‘Pokémon Gyms’. These PokéStops can be fitted with items called ‘Lure Modules’, which attract more wild and sometimes rare Pokemon. Gyms serve as fighting venues for team-based king-of-the-hill matches. Poke Stops and Gyms are generally located in interesting places.

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