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How did Private Dulaney die, was he killed? Cause of death investigated

Private Dulaney has disappeared. is an ABC News Studios true crime drama series centered on a mother’s search for her son, Marine Private Leroy Dulaney, who disappeared in May 1979 while serving at the Marine Corps Base Camp in LeJeune, North Carolina.

Private Delaney was reported missing by the Marine Corps, but his mother took matters into her own hands, dismissing the AWOL rumor and starting her own investigation into her son’s whereabouts.

The three episodes elaborate on Carole Dulaney’s investigation into her son’s disappearance. Carole Dulaney finds it difficult to get answers to her questions, and it soon becomes clear that the Marine Corps is unwilling to cooperate with her investigation. Nevertheless, with persistence and determination, the rebellious mother would eventually realize that there was more going on in the camp than anyone was willing to acknowledge.

Her perseverance would result in an incredible story with a web of deceit and lies, as well as allegations of satanic cults, arms trafficking and drug sales. Featuring first-person accounts from Carole, her sons, and Private Dulaney’s wife Brenda, this extraordinary story solves a mystery that wouldn’t go away.

What happened to Private Dulaney?

Major spoilers are coming for the series Where is Private Dulaney?

In May 1979, Private Dulaney disappeared from his Marine Corps posting, leading the Marine Corps to believe he was AWOL (absent without leave). Until then, the soldier had no excuse to leave his post; his disappearance was sudden and unexpected. He was last seen leaving their base in a car with two other colleagues. However, Private Dulaney’s disappearance would have a much more sinister explanation and eventually the truth would come out.

Is Private Dulaney dead or alive?

Leroy Dulaney was killed by a Marine and is now deceased. The person who killed him served at Camp Lejeune and was convicted of manslaughter in Onslow County Superior Court. Evidence presented at the trial showed that Dulaney and his killer had been riding together. His assassin drew a revolver and fatally shot the other marine in the head. He would take the body to a neighboring forest and shoot it again after the cold-blooded murder. The insane killer would go back to where he put the body after a month and a half and transfer it.

Who killed Private Dulaney?

Terribly, a fellow Marine named Mark Duane Fletcher had Dulaney killed. As more information about the case came to light, it became clear that Fletcher had previously made statements about wanting to become a serial killer and expressed his desire to kill 12 people in his lifetime.

The other troops in the camp had already labeled Mark Fletcher a ‘loner’ and there were unsubstantiated reports that he may have been a drug dealer and a follower of a cult of Satan. It was reported that Fletcher and Dulaney got to know each other before the tragic day he was killed.

Billie June Rohweller was friends with Corporal Benjamin Duval and Fletcher. On the night of Dulaney’s murder, Duval was also in the car and later claimed that Fletcher had made him an accomplice to the crime. He had been driving the vehicle and after the incident he would help Fletcher move and bury the body.

Mark Fletcher would also be held responsible for other crimes. After shooting Marine Ronald Ray Jenkins, who had met Duval and Fletcher on May 25, Fletcher would shoot Dulaney just two days later.

Jenkins had arranged for the sale of an M16 pistol he had previously stolen to Fletcher. Carole Dulaney would locate Mark Fletcher and question him about her son as part of her investigation. Later, Fletcher would abandon her car and run away on foot. Duval would eventually receive a 20-year term for his involvement in the heinous crime, and Fletcher would receive life without the possibility of parole for the murders of Dulaney and Jenkins. Fletcher is currently housed at the Hyde Correctional Facility in Fairfield, North Carolina.

Where’s Private Dulaney? trailer

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