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Hollywood celebrities who like to gamble

Photo by Alessandro Bogliari

It’s safe to say that we see celebrities as people who are very different from us. Of course that may be true when it comes to some aspects of life, but in most situations they are pretty much the same as us. They like to eat the same food, drink the same beer and do other things that we ordinary people do. One of those things is gambling. There are many celebrities who like to gamble. Today we are going to show you who some of those Hollywood celebrities are.

Matt Damon

One of the actors who definitely doesn’t look like they’re into gambling is the amazingly talented Matt Damon. But when you see his career and the movies he’s starred in, it definitely makes sense. For example, Matt Damon starred in a movie called Rounders in 1998. In that movie, he played a smart and talented student who cheats at Blackjack. After that movie Matt fell in love with gambling and he has seen many card games in lavish casinos in the United States of America.

am Affleck

We just can’t talk about Matt Damon without discussing his best friend Ben Affleck. This talented actor starred in a movie called Runner Runner in 2013. This movie tells an interesting story about online casinos, and during the filming the actor got intrigued and started gambling. People saw this actor in many beautiful casinos and they say that he tips generously. That means casino staff are very happy to see Ben Affleck in their establishments.

Brad Pitt

When discussing one of the most talented actors in movie history, it’s easy to see when he became interested in casino games and gambling. You might guess it was back when he starred in the movie Ocean’s Eleven. This is one of the best movies ever made when it comes to casinos. Sure, Brad Pitt is not a passionate gambler. He doesn’t gamble every day of the week or even every weekend. But he enjoys playing card games in some of the finest casinos in America. He usually goes with his colleagues and friends from the movie world.

There you have it. These are some of the great Hollywood actors who love to gamble. If you live in America and are a gambling enthusiast, one day you might meet these celebrities at a casino.

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