Former IPL Chairman Lalit Modi on 24x7 external oxygen after contracting Covid

Former IPL Chairman Lalit Modi on 24×7 external oxygen after contracting Covid

The 59-year-old took to social media to provide updates on his health, saying he had flown to London from Mexico after three weeks of confinement.

“After 3 weeks of confinement with a double Covid in 2 weeks accompanied by flu and deep pneumonia – and after trying to leave several times. Finally landed via air ambulance escorted by two doctors and a super star, super efficient son who did so much for me when I got back was London,” Lalit wrote in his Instagram post along with his photo from the hospital bed.

“The flight was smooth. Unfortunately still on 24/7 external oxygen. Thanks to everyone at @vistajet for going the extra mile. I’m so thankful to everyone. Love to everyone. Big hug,” he added.

In another post, he also talked about lifeguards — two doctors — taking care of him.

“With my two rescuers. The two doctors watched me seriously for 3 weeks and treated me 24/7. 1 in Mexico City whose care I was in my care and the second my London doctor who flew specifically to Mexico City to accompany me back to London “I have no words to describe whether they sacrificed time to get me out. I still need time to recover. Currently 24/7 external oxygen,” Modi wrote along with photos of two doctors.

“I thought I touched it and went. But my kids and thief friends and my good friend @harish_salve_ who were all completely by my side for 2 of my three weeks. They are all my family and a part of me. God bless. Jai hind . Not to mention the @vistajet crew. They were better than par excellence. Thank you my friend @thomasflohrvista,” he added.

Last year, the businessman had made his relationship with Sushmita official on social media, with a note and a series of photos. However, the duo has not been seen much after going public with their relationship, leading to several speculations.

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