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Explained: Why did Carl Azuz leave CNN? Was he fired or left to fend for himself?

For the past 14 years, CNN 10 host Carl Azuz has been a source of joy to millions of children and educators. With the news program broadcast every day on YouTube, he taught young people while being known for his passion and love of puns. This academic year, however, a new host showed up and people were alarmed.

A user tweeted last month: “IS CARL AZUZ DEAD????????” Another person commented, “Carl Azuz not being on CNN10 is worse than the Queen’s death.” Fans have taken to social media to say how “devastated” and “shattered” they are.

Middle and high school teachers usually gather the class around a screen to watch the 10-minute news program, usually during history class.

Azuz is a “mainstay” for the students of CherylAnne Amendola, a New Jersey history teacher, who told BuzzFeed News.

“Having a dad in your class is like that. Or Mr. Rogers,” she added. They were quite upset about his departure. and we were really concerned for his well being.

Before CNN 10’s summer break, Azuz recorded an episode for the last time in May. In a statement printed in the show’s newsletter on Sept. 18, CNN announced his departure. Azuz left the network due to a “personal decision,” a spokeswoman for the network told BuzzFeed News.

Fans on TikTok mocked Azuz’s replacement with host and former NFL player Coy Wire, referring to the new host as if they were disgruntled ex-lovers. Social media is flooded with tributes to Azuz, including a light-up hat that reads “Fridays are awesome”, a plant with a cutout of his face attached to it, and clever comments. Even Azuz fancams have been posted on TikTok like he’s a pop star.

In high school, Dallas Bender, a 17-year-old from Pennsylvania, said one of the highlights of his day was watching Azuz’s show.

He said, “Carl was always an inspiration to me. “Because Carl was hilarious and made every day exciting, I started to look up to him. I kept watching CNN 10 throughout my time in high school, just to see what he would discuss.

Azuz started working at CNN two days after graduating from his bachelor’s degree 23 years ago. He worked as a writer and producer for a while before taking over as anchor of CNN 10 (formerly known as CNN Student News) in 2008.

He became so well-liked on construction tours in Atlanta as the show’s popularity and Internet presence grew over time that his co-workers began jokingly calling him “Justin Bieber.”

According to history teacher Jonathan Burdick, Azuz has always been a student highlight of the day, “like LeVar Burton, but with news. Unbeatable.”

In addition to making news accessible to young people, Azuz has established himself as an icon, the “undisputed GOAT,” and a “legend,” according to his Internet followers. How does he fare in a world where brands struggle to connect with young people?

He claimed that his honesty is what makes him so loved by people.

“Young people are so good at recognizing attempts at coolness. I don’t,” he stated. “I am nerdy when I go on the air. I’m a prankster. I’m not trying to be a fancy newsreader. They recognize that.

Azuz has changed the way Samantha Olson, a 23-year-old editorial assistant at Seventeen magazine, thinks about journalism, she told BuzzFeed News.

She commented, “Carl’s method has motivated me to weed out crucial aspects while sticking with the Gen Z voice.” The puns were also so horrible they were funny.

They are offensive with puns, Azuz told BuzzFeed News. “Intended pun. Puns are always intended.

Azuz stated that he is committed to providing unbiased news and will never “influence” anyone, which is odd considering he is becoming more and more of a TikTok influencer.

According to social media data tracker Social Blade, he has amassed more than 250,000 followers in the past month.

He also plans to continue producing stuff for the fans.

He added, “I miss them too. I never want them to believe that I gave them up.

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