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Everything you need to know about retro style slots

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Retro style slot machines have managed to influence various industries and markets. The list includes the sports industry, the fashion industry and pop culture. But the good news is that retro style slots are back in fashion. In fact, they are gaining a lot of popularity as compared to other types available in the market. Some players with a nostalgic streak enjoy playing these retro style slots while enjoying some classic songs.

Online casinos, such as GG bet, are the main reason behind the popularity of retro style slot machines. Experts believe that online casinos are more than capable of doing anything in the casino world. For starters, they started accepting payments in cryptocurrencies, introduced the largest collection of games, and now they’ve brought back retro games. So in this blog we take a short trip down memory lane with retro style slot machines.

A brief history of slot machines

In case you didn’t know, slot machines were very different in the early 19th century. There weren’t many variations on the market at the time it was launched. The earliest were known as one-armed bandits and were developed in New York. These machines could not pay the prizes directly to the winners. The winners had to go to the bartenders to claim their prizes.

Usually the prices were things like drinks and cigars. If you compare this price to the current one, it might seem a bit disappointing. But at the time, these prizes were enough to keep slots popular. During the 1890s, slot machines were modified to make them simpler and the number of reels was reduced to three.

And after a few years, the first automatic payment terminals were introduced. Over the years, slot machines have gotten better and better and evolved. One of the major improvements was changing fruit symbols along with BAR and card symbols. The development and improvement are still popular, and this trend will continue through the years.

In this digital age, online gambling games have gained significant popularity. Thanks to modern technology, online gambling games are quite easy. And they have continued to evolve. In addition, online slots have bonus games and other advanced features that hardware cannot support. The evolution of these online slots has helped make retro slots popular.

Retro Slots and their payout ratio

Retro slots are starting to become popular again. But they have taken some inspiration from modern slots to stay relevant in this era. One of the most important changes is the high payout ratio. Classic retro games generally had low payouts compared to their modern counterparts. However, the modern retro slots have a perfect balance. They offer players a retro vibe with high payout percentages.

Modern developers have done a lot to improve payout rates. Nowadays it is easy to find some retro games with payouts of up to 97%. So winners have a high chance of a huge win. Retro-styled slots such as Couch Potato provide an easy playing experience. Therefore, it is becoming more and more popular among users.

Popular retro style slot games online

The following list contains some of the most famous retro slots available on the online market.

Rotate fruits

Created by NetEnt, Fruit Spin has managed to provide the nostalgia of retro slots. NetEnt is one of the best game developers in the online casino world and they are known for providing crisp and clear visuals in their games. Fruit Spin is aimed at people who have never played slot games before. But feel curious to try their luck. Players have infinite winning opportunities, all thanks to wild symbols, scatter pays and bonus rounds found throughout the game.


Heartburst is an exciting online slot that manages to give players a retro feel. Eyecon, the developer of Heartbrust, is one of the newer companies in the online game design and development world. Players love this game for its originality. For starters, it has an original design, vibrant background and color symbols. The special promotions and retro game design coupled with captivating gameplay have evoked the nostalgic feeling of even professional gamblers.

Fruit box

Fruit Box, created by iSoftBet, is one of the popular retro style online slot games available in the market. The game is perfect for people who want to make a fortune from their playing time. These earnings are huge thanks to a large selection of wild substitutions, multipliers and free spins. The game also offers players the option to adjust their betting limit. This ability to maximize your winnings increases the game’s popularity among professional players.

Despite the variety of advanced slots, we can assume that retro style slots will continue to be popular for years to come.

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