Emily in Paris season 4: release date, spoilers, cast and everything you need to know

Emily in Paris season 4: release date, spoilers, cast and everything you need to know

With Emily in Paris’ most recent binge-worthy season, Netflix once again has us in the palm of its hand. A casual Jean Paul Gaultier sailor cap, anyone? The third installment of the rom-com series gave us exactly what we wanted: more relationship turmoil, more simplified ad campaigns, and more outrageous clothes to enjoy.

The first half of Season 3 was mostly about Emily Cooper’s (Lily Collins) professional life, with numerous office shenanigans leading to her losing her job. Emily’s employer Madeline (Kate Walsh) leaves for Chicago after Savoir’s parent company closes operations in France, but Emily decides to stay in Paris and eventually gets a job at Sylvie’s (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) new company. The relationship between Emily and her lover Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) was going great, but Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and Camille (Camille Razat), who is having an affair, had a bit of a hard time in paradise. But when the chef and his longtime artist girlfriend finally get engaged, the wedding ceremony goes horribly wrong when Gabriel learns that Emily and Emily have agreed never to date again in order to respect Camille. Alfie and Emily’s relationship was also destroyed by this information, and the season came to an end when Gabriel revealed that Camille’s pregnancy was the reason for the engagement.

Relief! There is a lot to process, but there will be enough time until the next season starts. Here’s everything we currently know about Emily in Paris season 4’s upcoming events.

Emily in Paris Season 4 latest news

In early 2022, Netflix announced that Emily would return in Paris for seasons 3 and 4. But as of now, we’re still not sure if there will be any additional seasons.

Emily in Paris Season 4 storyline

Based on the events of Season 3, we can assume that Emily and Gabriel will be alone again. As a result, it’s possible that Netflix will have the two star-crossed lovers reunite in a typical rom-com cliché move. Gabriel and Camille will have to get used to the idea of ​​having a child while not in a relationship in the meantime. We can certainly expect that there will also be a narration about Mindy (Ashley Park) and her ex-boyfriend who has been accepted into the Eurovision song contest. Back at work, Julien (Samuel Arnold), Emily’s teammate, was groomed for a much-deserved character journey, as resentment grew over Emily’s habit of derailing his pitch meetings with her lead character energy. Maybe he’ll go all Nate the Great on Emily and reappear as her nemesis, à la Ted Lasso, replete with a new haircut?

Emily in Paris Season 4 release date

The season 4 release date has not yet been specified by Netflix. The first season aired in October 2020 and the second and third seasons followed in December of the following two years. Given this trend, Netflix may decide to release the fourth episode around Christmas in 2023.

Emily in Paris Season 4 spoilers

At the end of the season, TV Guide got a chance to ask Emily Paris creator Darren Star what the Camille pregnancy cliffhanger means for the upcoming Season 4. He teased the following. The full interview can be read here.

Despite both being technically unmarried at the moment, Emily and Gabriel don’t jump into a relationship right away. Star said, “I’m not sure Gabriel is in the best position to start a relationship with Emily. “Under the circumstances, I’m not convinced that Emily wants to be in a relationship with Gabriel.”

Season 4 is extremely complicated by the fact that Alfie isn’t completely out of the picture just yet. According to Star, “Season 4 will focus more on navigating complicated relationships; personal and professional ties, and how they conflict.” “Working with Alfie, Gabriel and Camille remains a task for Emily. Those professional interactions are rife with emotional tension.”

Who Emily will marry is still up in the air. When asked if he knew who Emily ended up with, Star replied, “There are more chapters before we even get close to that.” “At that point, I have no clear idea who she’s going to date.” Shocking!

Emily in Paris Season 4 cast

For Season 4, all the usual suspects will likely return. Kate Walsh’s Madeline Wheeler and Lucien Laviscount’s Alfie, who we know ended his relationship with Emily in the season finale, are two characters who may not make a comeback. Whether these two appear next season remains to be seen.


Like Emily, Lily Collins
Ashley Park as Gabriel and Mindy Lucas Bravo
Sylvie is played by Camille Razat as Camille Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu.
Julien is Samuel Arnold.
in the role of Luke

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